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  • XZN CRIUS LEA-GPS & MAG performance GPS Module for APM 2.52
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XZN CRIUS LEA-GPS & MAG performance GPS Module for APM 2.52


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LEA - GPS & MAG is using ublox LEA - 6 h industrial-grade GPS module with a compass high-quality product, providing high performance and easy to use in the compact volume, using an exact match passive antenna, LNA active amplifier, SAW filters and impedance matching design and manufacture, that makes GPS sensitivity getting best results. Usually, the domestically active antenna have no SAW, there is only one or two levels LAN, this structure of the signal-to-noise ratio is not very good. The another cost-effective solution is that the passive antenna  directly connect with the GPS module, only by GPS internal LNA, there will be more susceptible to interference. LEA - GPS use this " antenna - LNA - SAW - GPS internal LNA" structure which match ublox manufacturers recommended best performance plan, that make sure maximum performance and reliability of the GPS.



1. Ublox LEA-6H GPS module

2. Cirocomm PA025AA0093 ceramic antenna

3. LNA amplifier and SAW filter

4. HMC5883L compass (Forward arrow direction is - y)

5. I2C EEPROM 32Kbit storage

6. SEIKO MS621FE rechargeable lipo battery

7. With power indicator lamp (Red) and location indicator lamp (Green)

8. Super low noise LDO voltage regulator (GPS and compass share)

9.4-12V power supply, with reverse polarity protection

10. Could use external 3.3V power supply instead of internal LDO (Welding jumpers on the board and connecting the power from the compass)


Package list:

1 x LEA - GPS & MAG

1 x 30cm 4pin-5pin cable

1 x 30cm 4pin-4pin cable

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