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  • XZN Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF
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XZN Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF


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The Crazyflie is a tiny quadcopter often referred to as a nano-quad, built using the PCB itself as the frame. Developed solely by open source tools and designed with development in mind.A Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter include a crazyflie and a crazyradio.


Basic concepts:

The Crazyflie is controlled from a computer using an input device such as a game controller (PS3 or Xbox 360). A USB radio dongle is used to send control data from the controller/computer to the quadcopter.



1. Small and lightweight, around 30g and about 90mm motor to motor

2. light time up to 7 minutes with standard 180mAh Li-Po battery

3. Standard micro-USB connector for charging which takes ~20min for the stock 180mAh Li-Po battery

4. On-board low-energy radio@1mW based on the nRF24L01+ chip. Up to 80m range (environment dependent) when using the Crazyradio USB dongle

5. Radio bootloader which enables wireless update of the firmware

6. Powerful 32 bit MCU: STM32F103CB @ 72 MHz (128kb flash, 20kb RAM) 

7. 3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros with 3-axis accelerometer: Invensense MPU-6050

8. Available footprints to manually solder magnetometer HMC5883L/HMC5983 or/and barometer MS5611 (Mounted on the 10-DOF version)

9.  Expansion header 2×10 pins 1.27mm (0.05”) pitch including power, I2C/UART, SPI/ADC. Header also contains ARM Cortex 10-pin JTAG (header not included)

10. 4-layer low noise PCB design with separate voltage regulators for digital and analog supply


The primary stage


1 x Crazyflie control board

5 x motor mounts (one as spare)

5 x coreless motors (one as spare)

5 x CW propellers

5 x CCW propellers


Tools you need:

Soldering iron and solder


Tweezers and a clamp or third-hand can come in handy


Check the electronics

Before you go ahead and assemble the Crazyflie check the Crazyflie control board and the Crazyradio electronics:

Attach a powered micro-USB cable to the Crazyflie control board. It should power up and blink 5 times with the green LED. After that the green LED should be fully on and the red LED should blink.


For more information about User Guide, Firmware ect., please check out our WIKI page.

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  • Terry Gray | 05/18/2018

    What is the difference between this unit and SKU: 800-001-0062? Does this unit come with radio?

    • Maria Olivier | 05/18/2018

      Hi Terry, This item does not include radio,but 800-001-0062this item include.Thanks.