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  • XZN 433MHZ/915MHZ 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit
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XZN 433MHZ/915MHZ 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit


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The 3DR Radio Telemetry of 3D Robotics is an ideal module to set the remote sensing connection module between APM and ground station. It features small volume, cost effective, wider transmission range, and it allows us to do things that other data transmission modules can’t do.



1.Very small volume

2.Selectable operating frequency: 915MHZ 433HZ

3.Receiving sensitivity: -121 dBm

4.Transmission power :20 DBM (100 mw)

5.Transparent serial links

6.Air data transfer rate is as high as 250 KBPS

7.MAVLink frame protocol and status report

8.Frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS)

9.Adaptive Time Division Multiplex (TDM)

10.Support LBT and AFA

11.Configurable duty ratio

12.Built-in error correction code (can correct up to 25% of the data error)

13.Transmission range can reach miles with the small Omni-directional antenna

14.Use bilateral amplifier to gain greater scope

15.AT command deploys data transmission

16.RT command remotely deploys data transmission

17.self- adapt to the flow control when used with APM

18.Based on HM - TRP wireless module, equipped with Si1000 8051 micro controller and the Si4432 radio module.

19.The Master collocates with long antenna and the Slave collocates with a short antenna to reduce the load of the aircraft.


Package list:

1 X 433MHZ/915MHZ 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit


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