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Welcome to Geeetech Wiki portal! .

Welcome to the Geeetech Documentation Wiki. The Geeetech Wiki contains technical documentation for Geeetech products. Please note that general information about Geeetech products is available on the company's website The Geeetech Documentation Wiki is an extensive documentation project aming at creating a comprehensive collection of information related to Geeetech product.

The project utilizes a website called a wiki to store information about Geeetech products. The wiki creates a collaborative environment that allows everyone to compose and edit documentation after creating an account. We are inviting everyone to correct mistakes or provide additional instructions where needed.

Geeetech Forum

Geeetech also hosts an online forum. The forum is aimed at clients who may need to address technical issues that are beyond the scope of the users. However, the forum also has dedicated discussion boards for general user comments, questions and support related issues. To participate in the forum simply go to the Forum website .

Locate the Register link near the top -right hand side of the page. click the link and proceed to register. After your account is verified by the forum's administrator, you can begin posting onto the discussion boards.