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(Mini6410 | S3C6410 ARM11 Board)
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==Mini6410 | S3C6410 ARM11 Board==
*[[About Mini6410 Development Board]]
FriendlyARM Mini 6410 SBC (Single-Board Computer) with 533 MHz Samsung S3C6410 ARM11 processor. The board measures 110 x 110 mm, ideal for learning about ARM11 systems.
*[[Mini6410 Hardware Specification]]
*[[Burn BIOS into Mini6410]]
[http://www.friendlyarm.net/downloads#schematics Mini6410 Schematics]
*[[How to install system in Mini6410]]
*[[Runnig system with SD card]]
*[[LCD A70 for FriendlyArm 6410&2440 ]]

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