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SD for RAMPS5.jpg SD for RAMPS3.jpg

This RAMPS add-on enables you to print from MicroSD.With RAMPS 1.3 and higher it's easily connected to the RAMPS board.You will be able to print

without being connected to your PC.


  • SPI mode
  • Support voltage:4.5 to 5.5V
  • Up to 50 MB/sec data transfer rate
  • Sits directly on a RAMPS
  • Also be used with other microcontrollers


Sometime you're not sure whether a card is working or not,you must test it.

Now,let's go.

SD card wiring.jpg

Open your arduino IDE

please click Files ->Examples ->SD ->Cardinfo

Open Serial Monitor


OK,the card is working.

RAMPS 1.3 with Sprinter firmware

These steps will guide you on how to use the SD RAMPS with RAMPS 1.3 and the Sprinter firmware.

Note that you MUST install Diode D1 on the RAMPS board if you want to be able to print without being connected to your PC - see:

1. Connect your SD RAMPS like this to the RAMPS board:

SD for RAMPS6.jpg SD for RAMPS4.jpg

2. Download the latest Sprinter firmware fromSprinter

Extract the firmware and open it in your Arduino IDE(00-22 ,00-23).

3. Go to the file configuration.h and change the motherboard setting:


4. Check that SD Card support is enabled:

define SDSUPPORT 1

5. Compile and upload the firmware.

6. Open the Serial Monitor from the Arduino IDE. Make sure the left select list reads newline. Enter the GCode M21 (init SD Card). It should return ok.

SD for RAMPS1.png

7. Enter the GCode M20 (list files). It should return the contents of the SD card.

SD for RAMPS2.png

8. Further SD commands can be found here:

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