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  • VS1053 MP3 breakout board (SD card slot)
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VS1053 MP3 breakout board (SD card slot)


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This tiny board is designed based on VS1053B from VLSI. VS1053 is a versatile MP3 codec processor that is capable of decoding a variety of music formats,including Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio. For the best headphone listening experience, the VS1053 includes EarSpeaker spatial processing which accurately simulates how a room with stereo loudspeakers would sound. In addition to being able to decode all major formats, VS1053 is capable of recording in Ogg Vobis file. With the SD card slot on the other side of the board, you can play mp3 files from SD card using this breakout. It is easily to drop it in your project or make a mp3 player using your Arduino or other microcontroller. Features Can play a variety of music formats, support for OGG encoding real-time recording SPI interface, the control signal lines are led out A headphone and stereo output A microphone for recording A line_in input interface Power indicator 3.3V and 2.8V of LDO chip AMS-1117 on board, provides up to 800mA current A single power supply: +5 VDC 12.288 Mhz crystal SD card slot .


For more details please check kindly visit WIKI page.



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  • Roland Nygren | 09/22/2015

    It is said that you can record MP3 with this module but I have not seen such example or description. Can you please confirm this with a description and some example?

    • Quentin Qiu | 09/27/2015

      Hello Roland, here is a link which introduces the record function in detail, http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/VorbisEncoder170c.pdf

  • Daniel McBrearty | 08/30/2015

    please can you make the schematic for this board available? thank you.

    • rita xiang | 08/30/2015

      hello, you can find the schematic here in the wiki page:http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/VS1053_MP3_breakout_board_with_SD_card

  • Doug Robson | 05/13/2015

    I need a board to record using MP3 encoding - can this board encode MP3?

  • stephan schulz | 02/04/2014

    is it possible with this board to record and then play back audio? do you have code example for doing this? thanks.

  • stephan schulz | 01/31/2014

    is it possible to record sounds and then play them back through the board? do you have example code on how to record sound? thx.

  • T.J. van Beek | 10/31/2013

    Does this shield have te protection circuit for using an amplifier? Or should I add it like with the sparkfun MP3 shield? Thank you

  • Mark Scholz | 09/27/2013

    This Product works great. I have three of them hooked up to arduino micros inside some audio stations I built for a local museum. as a replacement for their absurdly expensive ""stop and listen" system. this audio codec also has much better sound quality then the previous system. A warning about this product though, the title is a little misleading. This product DOES NOT come with an sd card. It just has the socket to plug an sd card into. I used the 4gb cards from adafruit and they work just fine. You can find my documentation of this project and the code used here: http://teslafly.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/49/

    • Chan Channa | 10/06/2013 | GET Staff

      Thanks for your comment, I edit the title to make it clearer. So glad you like it and share documents with us. Nice!