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  • USBee Suite and Pro versions Logic Analyzer
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USBee Suite and Pro versions Logic Analyzer


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The USBee Suite is powerful electronic signal analysis software for your USBee Test Pod. It starts out as an easy to use Logic Analyzer and Oscilloscope and adds serial bus decoding and world class configurability that lets you solve your electronic problems quickly! 

There are two versions of the USBee Suite, Standard and Pro. The free USBee Suite Standard version includes features you need to capture and analyze your digital, analog and embedded serial bus signals. The upgraded USBee Suite Pro (additional purchase) adds many additional features including our top-of-the-line PacketPresenter Protocol Decoder, enhanced importing and exporting of data, documentation tools and visual configuration capabilities. 


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  • Alexandru Dinu | 10/25/2017

    Hello. My order number is: 20171014231603584. The package identification number is: 538163697143. The issues are as follows: - tracking number is not identified in the system on the site that you have communicated although I have chosen and paid for this option -3D printer arrived without the 3D sensor Toutch Autoleveling even though it was paid -USBee Suite and Pro versions Logic Analyzer was not delivered even though it was paid. How do we fix these problems?

    • Zina Luo | 10/25/2017

      Hi ,the printer shipped from Germany warehouse and the sensor and this part are shipped from China by tracking number:RT367701136HK.Pls note with thank.http://www.17track.net/en/