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  • USB Verion 32 Channel Steering, Robots.control board
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USB Verion 32 Channel Steering, Robots.control board


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This is a steering gear control board, which can be used to control 32 channels at most, the best choice for your multi-robot projects,


Product Parameters:

1. Chip Power Range: 6.5 V ~ 12V or 3.5 V ~ 5.5 V. (USB reverse protection)

2. Steering power range: Referring the steering gear parameters, normally 5V DC.

3. Control Channel: Could control 32 channels at the same time. (Steering gear speed adjustable)

4. Communications: USB or serial port (TTL). (Bluetooth module and other wireless module can be

used to control this board)

5. Signal output: PWM (Precision 1us).

6. Servomotor resolution: 1us, 0.09 degree.

7. Baud Rate Settings: 2400 9600 38.4k 115.2k.

8. Servomotor Support: Futaba or Hitec etc..

9. Size: 6350 mm x 43.5 mm x 2mm.

10. Control Mode: USB and serial interface (TTL) accepting command mode.

11. Flash: 512K ROM on-board.


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