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  • USB AVR JTAGICE AVR32 Studio Emulator Metal box anodise
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USB AVR JTAGICE AVR32 Studio Emulator Metal box anodise


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The latest firmware already supports Xmega the JTAG, PDI ways to download debugging

The latest firmware already supports AVRSTUDIO 4.18, AVR32STUDIO 2.3


MkII-CN Features:

Independent hardware features faster speeds at lower prices is fully compatible with original mkII;

Full realization of JTAG mkII protocol support with JTAG interface, the JTAG debug AVR;

DebugWIRE agreements to achieve full support of debugWIRE interfaces with AVR of single-debugging;

Full realization of ISP mkII protocol support and JTAG interfaces with debugWIRE AVR's ISP download;

AVR32 debugging protocol to achieve the full support of UC3 Series and AVR32 AP7000 series and follow-up model;

Full realization of xmega programming and debugging protocol to support xmega the JTAG or PDI interface programming and debugging;

Full automatic update protocol, update files provided by us;

Perfect interface protection, and support for 1.8V-5.5V Interface voltage;

JTAG ISP programming speed and programming speed was significantly faster than the original mkII?



The functionality is 100% compatible with ATMEL JTAG mkII

It is not the tool mixed with JTAG ICE & STK500

Work with the following IDE: AVRstudio 4.13/4.14/4.15/4.16, AVR32studio 1.0.7/2.0.2/2.1, IAR for AVR 4.30/5.11, IAR for AVR32 2.21

Test in these IDEs with AVR mega series, AVR Tiny series, AVR32 UC3 series, xmega64A1 series.



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