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  • Upgraded Debug king III kit with Mini PCIe/Mini PCI/LPC 3-in-1 i
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Upgraded Debug king III kit with Mini PCIe/Mini PCI/LPC 3-in-1 i


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 Debug king III kit is a easy to use tool to debug your notebook or desktop computer. 

This kit includes the LCD host to show debug code or graphic, Mini PCIe/Mini PCI/LPC 3-in-1 interposer used for notebook and the PCI interposer for desktop computer



1.LCD host to show debug code or graphic

2.Mini PCIe/Mini PCI/LPC 3-in-1 interposer used for notebook. 

3.PCI interposer for desktop computer

4.Apart from the traditional EFI BIOS, Debug king III also supports EFI 4.X,AMI 8.0, AWARD 6.0, PHOENIX 6.0, and the auto BIOS is the smart BIOS code of Debug king III.

5.Over 1000 items of debug code is saved in the EEPROM of Debug king III  which can help the user to quickly locate fault in memory chips, graphics, and other important components . 

6.Easy to update by replacing or re-writing the EPROM.

7.Both LCD host and 7-segment LED to show the debug code.

8.Reserved voltage test points for experienced users: 12V,-12V,5V,3.3V.

9.LED indicators of CLK/RST/ IRDY/FRAM/DATA/CBE to show bus status or signals.

10.ASIC to deal with the Mini PCIe/Mini PCI/LPC and PCI signals 

11.buttons for page turning of the debug code and easily switch between the above BIOS 

12.Compatible with most mainstream motherboard like : P8H61,P8P67,P7P55D,P6T,P5Q,P5WN2,STRIKER,P5N7,M2N_SLI,A8N and Chipset like:INTEL 815,INTEL 845,INTEL 865,INTEL 915,INTEL 945,INTEL 965,ATI SB600,ATI Xpress 200,ATI Xpress 1100,AMD 480X

Package list:

1x debug king LCD host

1 x Mini PCIe/Mini PCI/LPC 3-in-1 interposer 

1 x PCI interposer 

1 x connecting wire

1 x debug king user guide 

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