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  • TG-21 DIY 3D Printing Pen - Black
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TG-21 DIY 3D Printing Pen - Black

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currently only EU standard power plug is avaialble 

TG-21 3D printing pen

TG-21 is a high-end 3D printing pen that supports ABS, PLA, and PCL filaments. Suitable for 1.75mm filaments that require high, 

medium and low temperature printing (wider range of Filaments);

Equipped with LCD screen for displaying printing information, you can intuitively observe the current working status of the printing pen;

Printing speed and printing temperature can be adjusted in real time,printing will not be interrupted during adjusting, which can bring customers a smoother experience;

With easy to grasp ergonomic design and low temperature nozzle that will not burn your hands. At the same time, replaceable pen tip makes cleaning and maintenance easier, pen tip can be removed and replaced without using tools.

The product adopts external power supply mode, which can use power adapter and mobile power supply;


Suitable for ABS, PLA, PCL filaments

Ergonomic grip  

LCD display screen

8 gears of speed,adjust in real time without pausing

Adjust temperature in real time without pausing

Intelligent sleep mode(pen enters sleep mode if it is not used for 1 minute or has been extruding for 8 minutes)

Intelligent temperature adjustment

Stable printing pen holder for safer placement

Detachable pen tip, easy to clean, damaged pen tip can be replaced

6 buttons, easier to operate

Available in three colors: gray, black, white 









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