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  • TFT 2.8\" LCD With SD Touch Module
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TFT 2.8" LCD With SD Touch Module


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 The 2.8" TFT LCD Module can be can be easy controlled by MCU, PIC, AVR, ARDUINO, and ARM .It used in any embedded systems which require display high quality colorful image.

1.2.8 Inch TFT color LCD Module basic on  ILI9331 Chip. It combines with the 320*240 TFT Display, SD card, and the touch screen function.

2.  ILI9331  240RGBx320 a-Si 262K color TFT controller

3. TSC2046 4-wire touch screen controller

4. Standard SD card cage

5. Module Size (L * W * H): 62.99 mm * 65.69 mm * 14mm 


 Package List:

2.8" TFT 320*240 SD Touch module X 1


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  • andy little | 03/24/2014

    http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/File:3.2TFT_pin.jpg check your image on wiki, does not match pcb tft silk screen print of item purchased. thanks.

  • andy little | 03/10/2014

    Having bought your 2.8" tft, your wiki page data for pinouts does not match the silkscreen on the pcba. I intend to use this with a pic micro. the 2.4" display has a schematic link and other data. This display has nothing except your wiki which is wrong. Please supply correct schematic and user manual. thank you.