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  • TEQStone Computer Kit for Kids STEM and Coding Training Toy
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TEQStone Computer Kit for Kids STEM and Coding Training Toy


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About Biber

Biber is a simple game-based computer, developed on the basis of Raspberry Pi. Compact as it is, Biber comes with audio and video function, creating a fascinating and thrilling world for kids aged at 7-13 to explore. Besides, with the companion of Biber, you could surf the internet and make documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Interesting and scalable, Biber is created to inspire you to play games and learn simple coding and electronics knowledge, unleash your creativity and stimulate your  interest in technology.

With Biber, you can learn while playing! The Biber computer kit is packed with everything you need to build your own computer.

Skills learned with Biber: Building, Electronics, Coding, Critical thinking, Problem Solving and Cooperation Spirit. 


High-light Feature

l Hand-crafted wooden computer case with LCD screen monitor

l More captivating adventure stories enabled by extra hardware components

l Built-in Wi-Fi to upgrade Biber system in real-time

l Electronic parts including LED lights, motion sensors, breadboard, jump wires and so on

l Self-contained computer system developed on a Respberry Pi 3 chip


Why choose Biber?


Your budding inventor can assemble the 50+ puzzle-like pieces to make a beautiful wood case and power-up boxes. The kit comes with full step building instructions. Assembling your first computer is challenging and fun, so teamwork and cooperation is encouraged!



Each kit comes with the Biber learning system that teaches kids engineering and programming through a combination of engaging storyline, physical building, and Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft challenges. The increasingly challenging levels help teach new electronics and programming concepts step by step.



Through Biber you can assemble complex electronic circuits and make programmable modules that interact with your modules that interact with your Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft world. You can build real, physical electronics such as buttons, switches, LED lights, sensors, buzzers and more to design your own Minecraft dashboard which allows you to better control your character in the game.


Wooden Box

3.5” x 6.5” x 11” once assembled

5mm thick basswood


· 7" LCD display

· 800 x 480 screen resolution


· Input:100~240V/0.35A

· Output: DC5V/2A

Mini-Stereo Speaker

· 3.5mm jack

· USB charging

· High capacity battery

Raspberry Pi Computer

· 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM

· HDMI, USB, and AV jacks

· Built-in Wi-Fi

Micro SD Card

· 8 pre-installed game levels

· Free downloadable content

The kit comes with:

Exquisite, hand-crafted basswood computer case with HD LCD display

Fully-featured computer system based on a Respberry Pi 3 computer chip. 1GB RAM. 1200 MHz QuadCore CPU

*Electronic parts including LED lights, motion sensors, breadboard, jump wires and so on

Cables to wire the screen, Pi and USB mouse with a retractable cable

*Simple building instruction teaching you how to complete your assembly task

*USB mouse

*An 8GB SD card that saves the whole game progress

*Custom Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft adventure that enables you to experience exploring joys and learn coding and electronic knowledge

Built-in Wi-Fi, new downloadable levels, and sharing capabilities

*Free automatic level upgrades

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