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  • StepStick DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Reprap 4layer PCB
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StepStick DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Reprap 4layer PCB


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The DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is a breakout board for TI’s DRV8825 microstepping bipolar stepper motor driver. The module has a pinout and interface that are nearly identical to those of our A4988 stepper motor driver carriers, so it can be used as a higher-performance drop-in replacement for those boards in many applications. The DRV8825 features adjustable current limiting, overcurrent and overtemperature protection, and six microstep resolutions (down to 1/32-step). It operates from 8.2 – 45 V and can deliver up to approximately 1.5 A per phase without a heat sink or forced air flow (rated for up to 2.2 A per coil with sufficient additional cooling).



1. Simple step and direction control interface

2. Six different step resolutions: full-step, half-step, 1/4-step, 1/8-step, 1/16-step, and 1/32-step

3. Can interface directly with 3.3 V and 5 V systems

4. Over-temperature thermal shutdown, over-current shutdown, and under-voltage lockout

5. Short-to-ground and shorted-load protection

6. 4-layer, 2 oz copper PCB for improved heat dissipation

7. Exposed solderable ground pad below the driver IC on the bottom of the PCB

8. Module size, pinout, and interface match those of our A4988 stepper motor driver carriers in most respects (see the bottom of this page for more information)

9. Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, which lets you use voltages above your stepper motor’s rated voltage to achieve higher step rates

10. Intelligent chopping control that automatically selects the correct current decay mode (fast decay or slow decay)

11. 45 V maximum supply voltage

12. Built-in regulator (no external logic voltage supply needed)


Main board that needs the DRV8825 stepper motor driver and the quantities are as follow:

Rumba — 6

sansuinololu  — 4

mighty board — 5


For more information, please kindly visit  wiki page.


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  • gonzalo AP | 01/23/2018

    hello, the drv8825 are compatible with Geeetech prusa i3 pro W? Thanks

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi gonzalo,sorry for late reply.This driver is not compatible with pro W.Thanks

  • Isra Ladron | 01/05/2018

    hello, the drv8825 are compatible whit rostock 301?Thanks

    • Zina Luo | 01/10/2018

      Hi Isra ,sorry that it cannot.

  • Doug Elliott | 10/23/2017

    can't find a physical description, or footprint diagram for either the DRV8825 or A4988 boards ??? What is the pin spacing across the width of the carrier board, i.e. between the rows of pins?

    • Zina Luo | 10/24/2017

      Hi Doug ,could you pls email to our tech for help ? technical@geeetech.com

  • William Hoffart | 10/19/2015

    Arrived today 19 Oct 2015

    • Quentin Qiu | 10/20/2015

      Hi William, hope you will like it.