An idea choice to make a leap and get
face to face with the leading 3D printing technology.

Create with extraordinary prints, print whatever you can
imagine. Educational, entertaining and practicalVivid and
detailed presentation of your fantastic ideas.

World-class manufacturing and engineering
principles. Steell-frame design, professional quality.
Stands for reliability and stoutness.

Technical specifications

Me Creator

A useful 3D printer designed exclusively for you

Let the fun
begin by selecting the
right 3D printer

We just want to get you closer to the emerging 3D Technology.
Me Creator is not exclusive to the high-tech fields,It should be reached to everyone, it belongs to you.3D printing is just this easy.

Customized software

Rely on software that is customized for Me Creator and the other 3 printer made by Geeetech.
Visual preview of G-Code
Compatible with most firmware around
Built-in Slic3r slicer
Powered by the user-friendly Replicator 3D Printing Platform

  • MK8 Extruder

    42 mm stepper motor with lager torque, unique ceramic heat preservation cotton, 100 micron layer resolution, all these ensures professional-quality, high-resolution, realistic prototypes and complex models.

  • Sanguinololu

    Sanguinololu v 1.3a is assigned as the brain of ME CREATOR for its popularity among the category. It features all-in-one design, supports plug-and-play, known for user-friendly and cost-effective.

  • Building Plate

    Sand grinned oxidation aluminum plate enables higher stability and better adhesion, the heatbed undermeath helps to prevent wrapping and rafts of prints, leaving no room for any flaws.

Take a look at our printing works

  • "3D printing goods is
    inching into the mainstream."

  • "3D printing is at some point,
    moving beyond novelty to industry."

  • "3D printing has changed the way
    we manufacture goods, and subsequently
    will change the global economy."

  • "3D Printing has devastating consequences
    on those who perform routine tasks."

3D Printing

The Next Industrial Revolution
to rock the world

  • * Good parents know how to spend quality parent-and- children time by involving their children in activities that are both educational and fun, that’ s why 3D printers are becoming the new favorite of modern families.

  • * Clever teaching teachers know how to light up his class by introducing 3D printer into classroom to encourage them to make their aids, science projects, crafts and much more, giving them openness to think originally and express their ideas in 3D printing.

  • * Smart shop / restaurant owners knows how to impress their customers by giving away meaningful collections and souvenir for them made by 3D printer and attract more to come.

  • * innovative companies will start off new business models built on 3D printing, flourishing as a generation of innovators, hackers and “makers” take advantage of the capabilities of 3D printing to create new products or deliver services to the burgeoning 3D printer market. Come on and join the revolution of 3D printing.

  • * Creative designers of architecture can take advantage of this burgeoning 3D printing technology to produce more amazing and unthinkable works.

Warranty and Supprots

Geeetech guarantees all products to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of delivery. If any defect occurs within this scope of the warranty, please notify us immediately, we will send the replacements or refund the payment and afford the cost.
Warranty will be invalid if the products were not using or operating in a proper way. In this case, Geeetech will not take the responsibility.
*Available only at the time of purchase or within 60 days of purchase date.

Thanks for choosing Geeetech, we strive to provide a satisfied and pleasant shopping experience for you, but we do understand there may be some questions you may encounter in using our product. If so, you can contact us directly or post on our forum, our technique staff will help you resolve it.

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