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  • Round PCB heatbed for Delta Rostock mini
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Round PCB heatbed for Delta Rostock mini


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Round PCB heatbed is the new product of Geeetech. The heatbed improves print quality, especially when printing ABS by reducing thermal warping. The diameter of the total heatbed is 215mm, and the diameter of the active heated area is 200mm. It’s as the width as 1.6mm. The allow temperature is from room temperature to 120°C. The heatbed can take both 12V and 24V input and the power is 144W. Moreover, it only takes 4 minutes to heat up the heatbed to 110°C.



Double layer PCB

Thickness: 1.6mm

Total heatbed diameter: 215mm

Active heated area diameter: 200mm

Power input: 12V or 24V

Red soldermask - both sides


Package list:

1 X round pcb heatbed


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