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  • Reprap Smart controller LCD12864 Version (LED turn on control)
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Reprap Smart controller LCD12864 Version (LED turn on control)


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This LCD controller is completely compatible with the original  adapter for Ramps1.4, Sanguinololu , Megatronics and Rambo . It features that you can configure the duration of the LED light by adjusting TRIMM R6 100K from 10s to 2mins. That means you won’t be bothered by the annoying light any more if your printer works at night. 

We have two shape of the PCB--rectangle and square,there is not any difference between the following two 12864 LCD module display except for the shape, just choose either of them to fit your printer. The item in this list is square LCD12864 display module, you also can buy the rectangle one here.

If you have ever bought a Smart LCD controller dispaly from us, but want to use with other boards, you just need to buy an adapter separately,which is 100% compatible with the controller. Purchase adapters here.


If you want to buy a frame for your LCD 12864.please check here

Print a case for your LCD, download the stl file on thingivers.


For more information please refer to our WIKI Page, Marlin and ARDUINO library folder.



Package list:

1 x Smart Controller 

2 x 30cm cable

1 x Adapter(Optional)




LCD 12864 Schematic


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  • Richard Boyce | 05/26/2018

    Hi, is the LCD compatible with the 2560 V2+ board? I need to replace the LCD in my 3in1 control box. thanks Richard

    • Jocelin Jia | 05/28/2018

      Hello Rechard, please kindly check mails, thanks

  • Gerrie de Jager | 01/31/2018

    Please supply howto connected LCD to the GT2560 3D printer controller board SKU: 700-001-0760

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Gerrie,sorry for late reply.You can email me I will help you.Thanks.

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Gerrie,sorry for late reply.You can email me I will help you:jocelin.jia@geeetech.cn.Thanks

  • STERGIOS KYRKOY | 02/06/2017

    Hello .. working with rumba controll board ?

    • Zina Luo | 02/07/2017

      yes .

  • STERGIOS KYRKOY | 02/06/2017

    Hello working with rumba motherboard;;

  • Fabio Bosio | 08/04/2016

    Hello, is possible use this display whit a prusa i3 pro B whit mainboard GT2560 (firmware Marlin)? Thanks!

    • rita xiang | 08/04/2016

      yes, you can. But you need to modify the firmware, our firmware is for LCD2004

  • Evan Albertyn | 03/02/2016

    you really should put more information on your products about their size, i want to design a case for this LCD but dont know what size it is or the dimensions for the mounting holes. thanks

    • Quentin Qiu | 03/07/2016

      Hello Evan, thank you for your precious advice.

  • JUAN B. MARTIN | 02/15/2016

    I own a Megatronics V3.0 controller bord. I would like to add the Smart controller LCD12864, but I have notice that the smart controller adapter you sell supports Megatronics V2, but not V3. Is there any support for using the LCD12864 with Megatronics V3.0 board?

    • Quentin Qiu | 02/23/2016

      Hello, please consult our sales.

  • Lisa Gold | 08/08/2015

    Need a 20-pin single adapter for the Rigidbot please!!

  • Lisa Gold | 08/08/2015

    Was ready to hook up but found the cable and adapter was not compatible with my Rigidbot. Cable is (2) 10 pins for LCD and an 8pin for LED. But I need a cable that goes to one single 20-pin LCD and a one line 4-pin LED. Help....Do you have such a cable with these connections?

  • Aaron Gilliam | 07/21/2015

    Here is for the sanguinolulo. You need the OLD version of arduino IDE. You also HAVE to have U8glib installed in your libraries to compile the new firmware using the full graphics smart controller. I have the sanguinololu firmware with lcd support, and the sanguinololu nodded to work with ramps, and I have the 128x64 lcd working.

  • Paul Estep | 04/03/2014

    I created a Blog Post about this LCD with links to Firmware, Printable Case files and to a YouTube video demoing the device. http://www.geeetech.com/?main_page=wordpress&p=3695

    • Sven Panke | 08/13/2015

      Page Not Found Custom 404 Error Page with Site Map Sample Text... Put your custom "page not found" message here. You can change this text in the Define Pages Editor located under Tools in the Admin. I bought this item for my Sanguinololu, but can't find informations how to use it...

  • Salvador Lorite | 11/19/2013

    Hi Keira, When I purchased the LCD it was written that this product was fully compatible with Sanguinololu... you even sold me an adapter for it. How does ot come that it is not supported now. How can you help me solve this?

  • Salvador Lorite | 11/18/2013

    It can not make it work with the sanguinololu board. I need help. https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/issues/644#issuecomment-28158742

  • Salvador Lorite | 11/18/2013

    Hello, I can not make this product to work properly. I was exchanging mails with Mr. Liu (technical@geeetech.com), but I did not solve the problem. I need the Marlin version already set up for a Sanguinololu (this means correct pins.h file and other settings). At this moment, I made it to compile marlin for sanguinololu activating the ultimakercontroller instead of the full graphic as it is explained in Geeetech wiki. I had to follow this instructions: http://reprap.org/wiki/STB_Electronics The result: But I can not see any text. All the details of what I have tried and done are here: https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/issues/644#issuecomment-28158742 Github issue 644. Please help me make the LCD to work. It does not work following the steps at Geeetech wiki. Uncommenting the line: #define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER, only gives compilation errors or JAVA erros in the latests Arduino IDEs. By the way I have a PC with win7 and 64 bits. Please provide me the solution, I would like to purchase more sanguinololus and full graphic LCDs, but I have to make this one work. The solution that I think will be easier is: "Geeetech sends me the arduino IDE version, the sanguino files, the U8glib library and the marlin already set up to make the full graphic smart controller to work with the sanguinololu v1.3a". (the software that Geeetech uses to make the full graphic smart controller to work with the Sanguinololu v1.3a. By the way I have purchased everythink from Geeetech... Mr. Liu sent me a Marlin already set up, but it is not set up for sanguinololu, so It is not the solution. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hear from someone. Regards, Salvador

  • Reginald Pye | 10/12/2013

    I have purchased several of these LCD controllers and all have worked well except for one. The controller will work but not read an SD card. It shows that the SD card is inserted, but when trying to access the card the message shows "No Card" I have emailed about the problem and had no response so far. I have changed the cables from a known good LCD controller and there was no difference, the problem has to be on this board. I have tested on other machines that have the same controller and I get the same problem with this board.

  • Salvador Lario Rubio | 09/18/2013

    Adapter for RAMBo? Please.

  • Alex Borro | 09/14/2013

    Does it have embedded sdcard reader??

    • Chan Channa | 09/15/2013 | GET Staff

      thanks for your comment. yes.it have embedded sdcard reader.