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  • Reprap Ramps V1.4  2004 LCD controller with adapter
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Reprap Ramps V1.4 2004 LCD controller with adapter


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This Smart Controller contains a SD-Card reader, an rotary encoder and a 20 Character x 4 Line LCD display. You can easy connect it to your Ramps board using the "smart adapter" included.


After connecting this panel to your Ramps you don't need your pc any more, the Smart Controller supplies power for your SD card. Further more all actions like calibration, axes movements can be done by just using the rotary encoder on the Smart Controller. Print your 3D designs without PC, just with a g-code design stored on the SD card.







LCD Connect Schematics

RepRapDiscount Controller Final Schematics

Smart Adapter Gerber Files

Smart Controller Gerber Files




1 x Samrt Controller 

1 x Smart Adapter for RAMPS1.4

2 x 20cm cable

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  • jake goodgall | 12/23/2019

    My board is not working it makes weird characters and docent display any words. any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/25/2019

      hello, pls try to reconnect the lcd cable, and check whether there is obvious damage of the cable (this can avoid poor contact) Then you can try to update the firmware (if you can't update the firmware, the motherboard is faulty. If you can update the firmware, but still does not work after updating, the cable may be damaged, need be replaced) you can also send more details to sales@geeetech.com

  • Ellen swift | 05/19/2015

    this LCD2004 displays no text but two lines of blocks, what can i do? please help me.

  • Justin Schubert | 05/12/2014

    I think it is this display but it has no markings other then your website. I need to know if you can use One of the Smart display pre-programed or do you need to use the generic setting and De-fin your Screen.

    • Jet Lee | 05/14/2014 | GET Staff

      Hi Justin, this smart display can be used directly on you printer, but you need to select the correct adapter, coz, different control board with different adapters.

  • Ruslan Popov | 01/30/2014

    Hi, I have bought this device via Ebay. I need to cut some acrilic sheets for it. Can you bring me an information about it physical dimensions? I have measured main PCB, it is 150x55x1.6mm but I need to place holes on it. What their position and radius are? Thank you.

  • Shih-chia liu | 10/04/2013

    The reset button is not working...

    • Chan Channa | 10/06/2013 | GET Staff

      Hi, Please check if the reset button has a good welding. Is there any loose of connection by wires? Is the reset button of your RAMPS working normally?

  • Alex Borro | 09/14/2013

    Do you have the blue background version or only this green one??

    • Chan Channa | 09/15/2013 | GET Staff

      thanks for your comment. we have both blue one and green one.

    • Luis Andrade | 10/23/2013

      How to choose the blue version?

  • Enrique Ibanez | 07/12/2013

    Is 300g for shipping weight correct? Thanks a lot in advanced

    • Chan Channa | 07/19/2013 | GET Staff

      Yes.it is correct. thanks for your comment.