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  • Reprap LCD12864 Graphic Matrix Display Module
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Reprap LCD12864 Graphic Matrix Display Module


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This LCD controller adds an extra  function which is LED backgroud light control circuit to smart controller , with shorting the pins to decide the LED turn on all the time or turn on 30 seconds and than turn off automaticly.IF you used to start the printing jobs at night and get the parts at the next morning , that means with the new modification, LCD back light will not annoying you any more ,you can make the time of light turn on longer or shorter by adjust the TRIMM R4 100K form 10s to 2mins.This controller is 100% compaitble with original design.That means you can use the original adpter.

We have two shape of the PCB--rectangle and square,there is not any difference between the following two 12864 LCD module displays except for the shape, just choose either of them to fit your printer. The item in this list is rectangle LCD12864 display module, you also can buy the square one here.

If you have ever bought a Smart LCD controller dispaly from us, but want to use with other boards, you just need to buy an adapter separately,which is 100% compatible with the controller. Purchase adapters here.


For more information please refer to Marlin and ARDUINO library folder.


Package list:


1 x Smart LCD12864 Display 

2 x 30cm cable

1 x Adapter(Optional)



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  • Greg Leslie | 01/22/2018

    has anyone designed a case for this display layout yet? I haven't seen one anywhere. Would love something for 2040 extrusion. If not, I'll eventually design one myself, but thought I'd check first.

  • Juan Carlos Juarez Merino | 12/25/2016

    hola muy buenas es valida para una controladora gtm32

  • Markus Lapp | 12/11/2016

    Hi, which adapter do I need to use the display on an i3 Pro C with GT2560 board?

    • rita xiang | 12/11/2016

      Hello Markus, you do not need to use adapter for the GT2560 board. And if you need the LCD for pro C, you need to buy another one, please check it: https://www.geeetech.com/reprap-lcd2004-smart-controller-display-p-714.html

      • Markus Lapp | 12/12/2016

        OK thanks. The LCD2004 is already installed. I thought the Pro C would have installed the GT2560 Controler. I wanted to upgrade the printer with the graphics display.

  • Gregor van Egdom | 12/18/2014

    anyone else having the "blinking and beeping problem": On my version (I got this one http://www.geeetech.com/reprap-lcd12864-graphic-matrix-display-module-p-813.html) off ebay the EXP1 and EXP2 connector polarities are reversed, which caused the same problem... You can take the plastic off the pins and rotate it 180 deg so the notch opening is facing to the top of the board. It might also be your cables were crimped wrong way round. Mine were crimped straight but indicated pin 1 wrongly. The schematic (http://www.geeetech.com/Documents/Lcd12864_schematics2.pdf) also has the pins numbers of EXP1 and EXP2 reversed... YMMV. There are a host of other problems with this board anyway; just look at how messy the schematic is. But it works ;)

    • Star Mr | 12/20/2014

      Hi,Gregor van Egdom! Sincerely sorry for this inconvenience.But i think what you most need is an adapter to connect the LCD12864 to the motherboard.If the adapter doesn't match with the motherboard,you will encounter this problem. Best wishes to you! -Star