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  • PRO B PRO C PRO W Printer GT2560 A+ Controller board
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PRO B PRO C PRO W Printer GT2560 A+ Controller board


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GT2560 A+ 3D printer controller board

GT2560 is a compact board that is integrated with the mighty function of the  Arduino Mega2560 +Ultimaker and Arduino Mega2560+ramps 1.4 on respect of both software and hardware and has more premium features: the streamlined interfaces effectively avoid the unnecessary troubles, well-regulated compaction of components highly integrated saves more space and easier to be mounted on most applications.


5 stepper motors, swappable driving modules, mighty ATmega2560 processor with 256k memory, 16MHz operating frequency, high-performance USB serial converter FT232RQ/CH340, all these make the GT2560 an ideal option for a 3D printer control board. What’s more, GT2560 can run over 12V to 24V which gives higher torque and higher rotation rate.

Update log:

1. A 3-pin straight pin is added to connect with 3D touch auto leveling sensor.

2. The USB connector will not provide 5V for the board, if you need to refresh the firmware, please provide external power supply.

3. The power port has been changed from hollow to solid one to provide higher current-carrying capability.

4. The three heater connecter has been changed into blue ones: 2-pin RC301 5.0mm 15A


1.Integrated with the mighty function of the Arduino Mega2560+Ultimaker and the Mega2560+ramps 1.4 kit , GT2560 can not only take full place them on respect of both software and hardware, but also features compact size, more convenient connection, and more stable.

2. Adopt ATmega2560 as the main control chip, coupled with the high-performance USB serial converter CH340C.  

3. The power pack: operating voltage is 12V-24V; double power supply design feeds for heatbed and logical part separately. The current is 12A for heatbed and 5A for other parts. The cooling fan can support 12V

4. The main circuit adopts SMD fuse tube, the diode added to the power port can provide reverse protection to the whole circuit, in addition, the 5V USB is USB port protected with 500mA Recoverable fuse.

5. 3 12v fan output and one PWM output for LED or other lighting equipment.

6. 3 55Amp MOSFET (with LED indicator, the actual output is restricted by the PCB board and the connector), all 3 MOSFET are equipped with heat sink to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and stable operation.

7. Support 5 A4988 stepper drivers (3 for X/Y/Z axis, and 2 for extruders); the subdivision of stepper motor can be setup by dial switch, eliminating jumper caps, easier to operate.

8. 3 temperature sensor input (100k thermistor is recommended)

9. Extended LCD and SD card interface support both LCD2004 and LCD 12864, with which you can print without your PC.

10. The firmware is the prevalent Marlin, which is known for its stability, usability, and high-performance.


* The specifications of Pin connectors:

Motor: XH (2.54mm-4pin)

Fan: PH (2.00mm-3pin)


Endstop and thermistor: XH (2.54mm-2pin)


for more information about GT2560, please refer to wiki

1 X GT2560 3D printer controller board

3 X connectors

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  • Iulian Minea | 03/01/2019

    Hi, I bought this board from Amazon.de. Is it normal it power up the display only when it is connected to USB? The previous one (also GT2560 revA+) was working without any USB connection. I have a Pro B printer.

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/11/2019

      please check the psu out put if ok, thanks

  • Tom Condurso | 09/26/2018

    What is the best power supply for a GT2560 3D printer controller board thanks

    • Jocelin Jia | 09/27/2018

      which printer you use? prob or proc or prow?

      • Tom Condurso | 10/05/2018

        the Pro C

        • Jocelin Jia | 10/06/2018

          SKU: 700-001-0803

  • Graham Murdoch | 08/28/2018

    I would like to use the GT2560 to drive an aluminium I3 Pursa but the Merlin software when loaded displays ultimaker and has the wrong step size can you help please.

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/29/2018

      send command G92 Z400 by repetier host, then send M500 and save

  • r ruppe | 06/02/2018

    Just finished assembly of the I3 Pro W and the extruder motor will not turn. 1. Plug extruder into x driver and it turns. 2. Take stepper driver from x axis into extruder slot on control board it doesn't turn extruder. 3. Extruder stepper plugged into x axis slot on control board and it doesn'turn x anymore. 4. Even tried Extruder 2 slot with the original extruder driver and the x axis driver. Neither work there. I believe i have a bad control board and stepper driver for the extruder. Please advise.

    • Jocelin Jia | 06/02/2018

      Hello, can u tell me teperature of the extruder? by the way, please contact us:victory.lei@geeetech.cn,thanks

  • kim pugh | 03/19/2018

    does board come with instructions on how to setup 3dtouch on it

    • Maria Olivier | 03/31/2018

      Hi kim,sorry for late reply,if you want to know how to setup 3dtouch,please email:victory.lei@geeetech.cn

  • Melvin Siffup | 01/30/2018

    Can you please provide the board schematic

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Melvin,sorry for late reply.You can email me if you have any problems:jocelin.jia@geeetech.cn,thanks

  • Mike Humphreys | 10/26/2017

    GT2560 3D printer controller board Comment is unapproved... Just purchased a GT2560 REV B, All my fans quit working and hoping this will fix the problem, Is there a warranty on these MECREATER, just bought this 45 days ago. . .feeling a little frustrated

    • Zina Luo | 10/26/2017

      Hi Mike ,you can contract to our tech for help ,and if broken by quality you can contract the related sales .

  • Mathias Groß | 10/22/2017

    Hello, I bought an MeCreator 2 here and saw, that there is the "b" version of the GT2560 build in. Does this version also support 24V for the Heat bed? Btw, what are the differences between GT2560 an GT2560b?

    • Zina Luo | 10/24/2017

      Hi Mathias ,you can place the order online and remark to the sales the board used on Me creator 2 and the sales will arrange the correct one to you .They are in different ,using on different printer ,pls note with thank.

  • Jose Beitia | 09/16/2017

    Hello! i just messed up something! i put this character in the printer's name on marlin firmware: "▲" and the printer would never get through the Marlin's bootscrean again! what can i do? thank you!!

    • Zina Luo | 09/22/2017

      Hi Jose ,The triangle character is a illegal character. So I suggest you use another name.

  • Richard de Weerd | 07/31/2017

    What pin is used for the servo connector is that Pin 32 or pin 13?

    • Zina Luo | 08/03/2017

      Hi Richard ,could you pls email to me so that i can reply the detail to you with some picture .

  • Richard de Weerd | 07/31/2017

    What is the pin for for the servo connector? Is that 13 or 32?

  • johan walraeve | 07/30/2017

    Hi Zina, The bed levelling problem has been solved but now other issues have applied, i just send a support request to the technical staff.

    • Zina Luo | 07/31/2017

      Hi Johan ,That's good and you can ask our technican for more help.

  • johan walraeve | 07/27/2017

    Hi, I just assembled the Rostock mini GS2 Pro. Love the machine btw. After connecting everything to the main board i noticed a little problem. The probe for bed levelling is the same micro switch as used on the axis end stops, only difference is the L shaped probe, so far nothing to worry about, two wires can be connected... the problem is that on the print board is a Z min and a 3d touch connector. which should i use? the 3d touch has a 3 wire connector so obvious i suspect it wil have a positive, a signal and a gnd pin. i'm a total newbie on the frontier of 3D DIY kits so here i could really use some help.

    • Zina Luo | 07/28/2017

      Hi Johan,For G2S Pro, you should use the L shaped probe.

  • Benjamin Uppgard | 06/15/2017

    When using a 24V power supply with this controller board, is 24V applied to the extruder heater ports?

    • Zina Luo | 06/16/2017

      Hi Benjamin ,if you want the controller by 24V ,you also need make sure the extruder and the heat bed are 24V,or the controller will be burnt out by 24v .

  • Orie Goudge | 06/04/2017

    Building an I3 clone with aluminum frame. Do you have any pre-configured firmware? What would be the easiest way to connect the power source I can pull the 4 pin off an old power supply

    • Zina Luo | 06/06/2017

      Hi Orie,you can see below: 1.you can refer the firmware of I3 Pro B as this link: http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=17046 2.using the Switching Power Supply by 12V ; for the connection you can refer to the manual of pro B : https://www.geeetech.com/Documents/pro%20B%20building%20instruction.pdf Hope it can help you.

  • Denis Eduardo Donadon Torres | 04/25/2017

    Hello, is it possible to adapt 3 extruders in this board?

    • Zina Luo | 04/26/2017

      Hi Denis ,sorry that it cannot.

      • Denis Eduardo Donadon Torres | 04/27/2017


    • Zina Luo | 04/26/2017

      Hi Denis ,sorry that it cannot.

  • Vin La | 04/15/2017

    uhmm...where can i buy the cable set for this board since i'm using RAMPs+Arduino board and it has different plug especially with the stepper motor wire, it's using Dupont jumper wire plug.

    • Zina Luo | 04/18/2017

      Hi Vin ,pls take some picture of the board to my email to check:Zina.Luo@geeetech.cn

  • ivan blanco | 03/28/2017

    hi i bought this printer but i can't print because de extruder stepper motor it's not working i try to change the port of this motor and i look that the board has the problem, is i conect the motor in an other teminal this motor start to work, do i have a problem in firmware? or it's my controler board

    • Zina Luo | 03/30/2017

      Hi Ivan,you can take this for reference :http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=17038 and if you still have problem pls kindly email to our technican for help:technical@geeetech.com

  • Danilo Tappia | 03/20/2017

    I recently bought a Prusa I3 PRo B and actually is working fine, except for the PWM fan control. I enabled into the Marlin firmware and tried with different slicer solution but the fan stay always on without solution to be software controlled. I tried with several different fans but no effect. Could you suggest the right fan/solution for this issue? Danilo

    • Zina Luo | 03/20/2017

      Hello Danilo,could you pls email to our technican for help:technical@geeetech.com

  • Donald Miller | 03/14/2017

    Can the 3 pins added for 3D Touch be used to drive an micro servo instead?

    • Zina Luo | 03/14/2017

      Hi Donald,Theoretically can .The 3 pins on the GT2560 controller board is one for 5V pin and one for GND pin and the other is control pin.Pls note with thank. 上面三个引脚 一个5V 一个GND 一个控制引脚

  • peter cox | 03/11/2017

    Hello I have a prusa I3 pro-b. one of the connector pins for the heatbed has "arked" and burnt out. The plug-in connector attached to the board is now broken - can I get a replacement. I have temporarily rewired the heatbed to the connector pins on the main board and everything seems to be working fine

    • Zina Luo | 03/12/2017

      Hi Peter ,have you contracted to the related sales for sending the connector pins?

  • christian merle | 02/19/2017

    Hello, I bought a prusa i3 pro-b printer, with the gt2560 card, the y-axis engine no longer wants to back off, i have inverted the x-axis motors with that of the y-axis, same problem , I inverted the steppers same problem , I reloaded the firmware, same problem. So the problem seems to come from the card itself, can you help me please. cordially

    • Zina Luo | 02/22/2017

      Hello Christian,not the problem of the board ,you can check the wiki here:http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17883 and if you still have the same problem pls email to our technican for help:technical@geeetech.com

  • Linas Paulauskas | 02/11/2017

    Hello, I have bought Reprap Prusa i3 Pro-B from ebay and it contains GT2560. It was working fine and I have no issues printing from USB, the issues started when I started upgrading the printer with lead screws and I needed to changed steps on z-axis. It seems printer board doesn't accept instruction from programmer. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and whenever the board is any good. I am suspecting that maybe programmer on boars is either not loaded or was removed after programming. Now my question is whenever I can update setting in the board to work or I need to buy new board, but I don't want to do it before making sure new board is the only option. Here is more information regarding my issue, I have raised it in Arduino forum: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=431223.new#new

    • Zina Luo | 02/13/2017

      hello Linas,ask our techncian for help and will feedback to you.

      • Linas Paulauskas | 03/27/2017

        Hello, again. Thank you for your response. I haven't heard any update, but just though maybe I would be e-mail to your technician directly. I am thinking to order boot loader or maybe send the board for repairs, but want to be sure what is wrong with it .. so that I cannot load firmware to it. Can you advise which e-mail should I use. Thank you

        • Zina Luo | 03/30/2017

          HiLinas ,pls email to our technican here :technical@geeetech.com

  • Leonard Fall | 01/07/2017

    Is it possible to connect a 12v power and a 24v power supply at the same time? 12v for logic/fans/hotend/steppers and the 24v for the hot bed?

    • rita xiang | 01/16/2017

      sorry, it is not possible.

  • Buddy Brown | 12/01/2016

    I purchased a 2016 High Precision Reprap Prusa i3 from E bay, I would like to have a copy of the firmware so I can fine tune the performance. Can you help me? thank you

    • rita xiang | 12/04/2016

      hello Buddy, can you please provide the exact model, pro B or pro C? Or you can find all the firmware for our printer here: http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=17046

  • Ian Sugden | 10/20/2016

    Hi Just incase I blow a fuse where can I get some replacments?

    • William Kwok | 10/23/2016

      Hi,Ian You can buy it at a local store,and here are the specifications about the 2 fuses: 1.SMT 5*10,0154010.DRT,10A/125V 2.SMT 5*10,0154015.DRT,15A/125V

  • Francesco Francescangeli | 10/02/2016

    Hi, I recently purchased a Prusa i3 Pro B equipped with GT2560 and all went well, I can print flawlessy; now I'm trying to implement the auto-leveling feature, but before to attempt changes on firmware I'd be sure I can restore old firmware. Could you kindly send me the original firmware? (francescangeli.f@gmail.com) Thanks in advance...

  • Bernard Bout | 08/31/2016

    I have a Geeetech Full Aluminium 3d Printer with a Sanguinololu board. I want to upgrade the Sanguinololu to this board. 1. Will I need new stepper drivers or can I use the ones from the old board. 2. Are there any changes needed top be done to the firmware to make this work on my printer? 3. Where can I get the latest firmware for this board and my printer? I notice that this board is included with the Geeetech Aluminium Pro printer. Will that firmware work with my printer?

    • William Kwok | 08/31/2016

      1.You can use the old ones if they're all working fine.2.You can download the following firmware from here:http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=17046 (Prusa I3A 2560.zip, I3_pro_X.zip,Marlin-PI3_Pro_B.zip)The three firmares all fit your printer.

  • Shiva H | 08/25/2016

    Hi I wnat to purchase Gt2560 board, please let me know it support MKS-TFT28 lcd screen? Also please which psu require for main board?

    • William Kwok | 08/25/2016

      Hi,Shiva I'm afraid it doesn't support the LCD you mentioned,and about tht PSU,the operating voltage is 12V-24V; double power supply design feeds for heatbed and logical part separately.

  • Etienne Boucher | 08/09/2016

    Hi, I had this board for about 2 weeks and ran it on stock a4988. It ran fine, but I had drv8825 and when I try them at about .6v the motors make more noise and the board heat so much (I have 2 60mm fan on it) and I put an heatshink on the hot part. The drv are not very hot but the black thing between the second extruder driver and the .150 thing become crazy hot. Can I broke the board by printing like that or do you have an idea about what is happening ?

    • William Kwok | 08/09/2016

      Hi,did you plug your drvs in a wrong direction?Cuz its plugging direction is different from A4988...And when you plug drv,you should change the subdivision of the motor(yes it the jumper caps,drv with one cap and A4988 with 3 caps as you saw).Finally,A4988 is recommended.

  • William Kwok | 07/19/2016

    Hi,Bob 1.Did your extruder motor work before?You can try swapping the extruder motor cable with cables of other motor,sometimes the motor cable is broken though it rarely happened. 2.About the engine wiring diagram,you can find it in the "Users Manual of GT2560.pdf" on this page.

  • Bob Wood | 07/19/2016

    Extruder motor on my 3D printer stopped working. I did replaced the Driver-A4988-Module. It does not help. Is it possible find the engine wiring diagram to the chip Atmega 2560

  • david c | 07/15/2016

    ok i keep on getting time out when trying to upload to the bored.. i can see it with pronterface and print with it. just wont let me upload the firmware.

    • rita xiang | 07/17/2016

      Did you disconnect the board to the Repetier host or other soft ware you are using? if so, please disconnect it first and try again.

      • david c | 07/22/2016

        might sound silly but how do you do that thx

        • rita xiang | 07/22/2016

          i mean if the board is connected to the Repetier host(The software you use to control your 3d printer). If so, please disconnect it. If you still have problem with it, please contact our tech support at technical@geeetech.com he will help you upload firmware with remote control

  • Pablo Arturi | 06/30/2016

    Hi, I have this board, and I would like to know if there is a firmware update, which date was released. Also, I'm trying to print ABS and I need to heat the bed at 110ºC, but everytime I try to do it, I burn the fuse belonging to the heated bed. How can I fix this?

    • Andrea Lambert | 07/04/2016

      Please check your voltage input,I think you can adjust it to a smaller value. If you have any further queries, please contact technical support technical@geeetech.com.

    • rita xiang | 07/11/2016

      Hello Pablo, you can download the firmware here http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=17046 without logging in. It will be better to use Arduino IDE V1.0.1

  • david c | 06/27/2016

    can you send me the firmware plzz thx

    • rita xiang | 06/28/2016

      hello David, for which printer do you need the firmware. If your printer is one of ours, you can download here http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=17046

      • david c | 06/30/2016

        it is a diy ctc with the gt2560 motherbord thx but on the display it side it is a i3 pro b.. so its a nice ebay one lol

        • rita xiang | 07/03/2016

          if you are sure it is exactly this board and the pro B model, you can download the firmware here http://www.geeetech.com/forum/download/file.php?id=1552

  • Frank Mizzi | 06/21/2016

    I have asked this question without getting an answer. Q:What is the warranty on the boards. I ask this because I have had my heater bed connection melt and burn weld it's plastic to the base of the plug and melt the solder and fall off the board and that a possible transistor is the culprit, and that I also have a noticeable scorch/burn mark on one of the (4 pin) power lines on the main connector,from the power supply, so could also be the power supply.

    • rita xiang | 06/21/2016

      Hello Frank, the warranty is 180 days. We have changed the bed heating connecter into the blue one as you can see in the picture, the melting will not happen again. Regarding to the burn mark on the power supply connector, pay attention that never hot Plug andUnplug the wire.

      • Frank Mizzi | 06/23/2016

        Was anything else replaced because i can see a light brown mark on the track from the transistor. As I stated in my comment I have a scorch mark on one of the lines from the power supply at the plug on the board and was concerned that it might have been a power supply issue than from a plug issue. mainly from the fact that the track on the board from the transistor to the plug was also slightly burnt in a light gold tint, making it look like was getting hot as well. I am trying to supply you with as much information as I can from what I can see. I have recently ordered a board of a seller on ebay as of no shipping cost, but that it is of the older type of board, and that I have concern of this happening again but wonder if just replacing the plug will be enough to solve it as I could do that my self with a soldering iron.

        • rita xiang | 06/26/2016

          thanks for your information. Currently, we only changed the connector. You can send more pictures to me: rita.xiang@geeetech.cn

          • Frank Mizzi | 07/10/2016

            I bought another board from an ebay seller but that it was void of firmware. I am wondering if you have a proper copy for this board for I3 as I received a copy a long time ago from someone at Geeetech, that I uploaded it via arduino software and nothing responds as it should, do I have to mnually configure the firmware, or is there a copy that is preset for i3 on the Geetech forum/site,, as I cant get to the forum as I dont have a pass word and my main password seems not to work , /I was wondering if any one at Geeetech can email me a proper copy please.

  • Wellington Costa da Silva | 06/13/2016

    This controller board can be used in a printer D -bot CoreXY ?

    • rita xiang | 06/15/2016

      i do not know the printer D -bot CoreXY, but most control board are compatible. If this control board has the feature you need on that printer,you can use it.

  • Exequiel Rabago | 05/31/2016

    Hi guys,i hope you can help me,about my problem.My GT2560 3D printer controller board kit is not as it is.I got to lines in the LCD screen and i do a Marlin firmware but is not working.How can i fix this problem?I hope you can help me on this matter,thanks

    • rita xiang | 05/31/2016

      Hello , for your problem, please check adjust the potentiometer on the back of the LCD, you can refer to this post http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=17040

  • Kurt Rozario | 05/12/2016

    Hi All. I am using a GeeetechGT2560 controller board, with Davinci 2.0 hardware. My Extruder extrudes well under manual control, (from PronterFace or Repetier-Host), but, during prints, its stops extruding, after a few layers and starts clicking or skipping. A) I have tried several times to adjust the potentiometer on the extruder motor driver board, A4988, finding the right point between when the motor stops turning, when the power is too low and the motor stops turning when the power is too high. As I mentioned, it works smooth under manual control. I still cant get more than 2 or 3 layers to print, because, somewhere after the first few layers, between 2 and 5, the extruder motor starts skipping. B) I have tried printing in PLA at 185 and 190 degrees. The clicking starts either way. C) I dont believe the motor is getting overheated, as it starts clicking after just a few layers being printed. It only feel warm to touch at this point, often, even room temperature. D) The Da Vinci 2.0 has two extruders. I have tried both motors, with different cogs and idlers, both with same results. Hence, I am sure the motors/cogs are not faulty. E) I have tried two different Motor Driver Boards, A4988's, on the same output on the GT2560. Same results. F) I cleaned the nozzle several times, confirming each time after cleaning, that PLA flows freely, through the nozzle, under manual control. G) I have tried slicing with Slic3r and Cura. Print preview shows XY movement and X axis and Y axis move accordingly. I have no idea what to try next as I am out of ideas. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have spent a month now, trying to install this GT2560 and still cant get a print done.

    • rita xiang | 05/12/2016

      what is the firmware you are using? you can contact our tech support for detailed instructions

  • Mat Mason | 05/01/2016

    Hi. I recently bought a Prusa i3 from eBay (221985486006) but the GT2560 would not work so I bought a replacement. Would anyone be able to give me the firmware to run this board on my printer? Thanks

    • Quentin Qiu | 05/04/2016

      Hi, please visit this link to download the firmware you need, thank you. http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=17046

  • Maxime Klauth | 04/28/2016

    Hi, is there a way to use a thermocouple sensor on this board ? Thanks

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/28/2016

      Hi, sorry to tell you that it can not be used on this board.

    • Mariusz Matłosz | 12/17/2016

      Why not? You have to connect "+" to 5V on board (lower left side of atmega chip, next to C37). Signal to SIG, ground to GND (on temp JST slot). You also need to desolder R23 for 1st head thermocouple, R21 for 2nd and R4 for heatbed. These three resistors are located below temp JST slots. If need only for head, desolder only R23. It is exactly mega + ultimaker board. Even names are the same. It will void warranty for sure.

  • derren ball | 04/25/2016

    hi I have a prusa I3 proB with a gt2560 could you please forward the latest marlin firmware for me. thank you. derren_ball@tiscali.co.uk

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/26/2016

      Hi please check your e-mail, firmware has been sent to you.

  • Nicolò Moschin | 04/22/2016

    my mail: n.moschin@gmail.com

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/26/2016

      Hi please check your e-mail, firmware has been sent to you.

  • Nicolò Moschin | 04/22/2016

    HELLO can someone send me the latest marlin for purse i3 pro b with heatbed? board: GT2560 thankssss N.M.

  • Shana Robinson | 04/18/2016

    I have a Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro C DUAL EXTRUDER printer from you, it has a GT2650 controller, Could you please send me the latest version of Marlin firmware that you supply for this configuration? My Email. is shana@shaputer.com Currently Both extruders won't extrude at the same time. Only Extruder1. Anything I plug into Extruder2 connection doesn't work. I've changed the ramps 1.4 on extruder 2 several times. Ramps shows the right voltage. I've tried 2 boards so far. My original board worked fine, but quickly got so hot at the power cable that it burned the connection on the board.

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/21/2016

      Hi please check your e-mail, firmware has been sent to you. You can contact this e-mail technical@geeetech.com for technical support. Thank you.

  • Joan Tabberer | 04/17/2016

    I have a Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B printer from you, it has a GT2650 controller, Could you please send me the latest version of Marlin firmware that you supply for this configuration? My Email. is joantabb-rightmove@yahoo.co.uk

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/18/2016

      Hi please check your e-mail, firmware has been sent to you.

  • tim victor | 04/10/2016

    Hi, could I get the firmware prusa I3 with the gt2560 please? Thanks

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/13/2016

      Hi, please leave your e-mail address here, and I’ll send it to you.

  • Alexander Gorin | 04/02/2016

    Hello Quentin. Sorry, but i can't find your answer to my question about FAN_PIN number for GT2560 board in Marlin software in my e-mail jazzmaker@yandex.ru. Please, resend me again. Thanks.

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/05/2016

      Hi Alexander, sorry that I'm not professional in technical problem. You can contact this e-mail technical@geeetech.com for technical support. Thank you.

  • Alexander Gorin | 03/17/2016

    Can you please send via e-mail pin definition for my GT2560 for Marlin software. I choose MOTHERBOARD=7 as described in manual, but I can't control fans via REPITER SW interface at all. My e-mail jazzmaker@yandex.ru. Thanks in advance.

    • Quentin Qiu | 03/19/2016

      Hello, it has been sent to you.

  • Christopher Gouty | 03/02/2016

    May I have the firmware for the prusa I3 with the gt2560, please?

    • Quentin Qiu | 03/07/2016

      Hi, please leave your e-mail address here, and I’ll send it to you.

  • Kristian Martinsen | 02/18/2016

    Hello! Thank you very much for creating such a fine product and manual! Could you please send firmware for the Prusa I3 to kris@diy-forum.org Have a good new year! :)

    • Quentin Qiu | 02/18/2016

      Hi please check your e-mail, firmware has been sent to you. Happy new year~

  • Johnatan Dias | 02/16/2016

    Hello good Morning! I bought a GT2560 electronics for my 3D Printer MendelMax 1.5 with a estrusor . If possible please send me the correspondete firmware. Can I use the latest version of the Arduino IDE to write the firmware?

    • Quentin Qiu | 02/24/2016

      Hello our firmware is used for certain combination of our control board and our printer. You can modify the marlin firmware yourself if you need to use it on your printer.

  • asaf bachar | 02/11/2016

    can someone please send me firmware for prusa i3 x gt 2560 board

    • Quentin Qiu | 02/18/2016

      Sorry for the late reply, we spent our Chinese New Year vacation for a couple of days. please leave your e-mail address here, and I’ll send it to you.

  • Antony Ingram | 02/03/2016

    Hello i recently purchased a prusa i3 pro B printer with the corresponding firmware for my geeetech 2560 controller, i have also purchased a dual extruder as i would like to upgrade it to a pruss i3 pro C for dual extrusion could i please have the firmware for the pro C model, my email address is: info@nulumen.co.uk thank you

    • Quentin Qiu | 02/04/2016

      Hi please check your e-mail, firmware has been sent to you.

  • Michael Shievitz | 01/11/2016

    Will you post a pins.h file for the GT2560 board please. When setting up Repetier firmware be best choice I have found so far is the Ultimaker 1.5.7 shield, but this board lacks full pin defines. What pins control PWM_FAN, FAN_1, FAN_2, FAN_3 My best guess from the forums and other research is that they are pins 16, 4, 5, 6

    • Quentin Qiu | 01/12/2016

      Hello Michael,please leave your e-mail address here, and I'll send you several pictures for illustration to help you.

  • Gabriel Medina | 12/07/2015

    GT2560 Where can I get the LED indicator chart? Does 12v have to be plugged for uploading firmware? avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer Trying to upload Marlin on Windows 10

    • Quentin Qiu | 12/09/2015

      Hi you can contact this e-mail sherry.li@geeetech.cn for technical support, or you can go to our forum to post your problem. http://www.geeetech.com/forum/

  • Steve Gigr | 12/06/2015

    Hi Quentin, I have this board on my I3 pro with the dual heads. Can / will this board support the 2-in-1 out head? If so could you send me the firmware and the instructions if any? Thank you sdigrazia1@sbcglobal.net

    • Quentin Qiu | 12/07/2015

      Hi Steve, sorry to tell you that GT2560 can not be used on your printer.

  • Rene Jurack | 11/23/2015

    I am looking for the type of Connectors used for the motor- and fan connectors. Are you selling these also?

    • rita xiang | 11/24/2015

      not for retail, if you need large quantities, please contact our sales Rannie.

  • peter boric | 11/19/2015

    Hi I still dont understand things about power supply. One power supply I can connect 24v for my 24v bed and one power supply is for everything else so I can connect it to 12v is that correct ?

    • Quentin Qiu | 11/22/2015

      Hi Peter, hot bed and logic circuit part are separate in power supply.

  • eduardo nieve | 11/14/2015

    HI, ANYONE HAVE THIS PROBLEM? : step1: i turn on my laptop -_ i connect the GT2560 by USB cable to my laptop -_ my laptop recognize the motherboard as USB device -_ i open repetier-host (configuration COM and baudrate OK)-_. i turn on my Prusa I3X ...and the connection is lost :c step 2: the same procedure, but, i disconnect the power supply of my laptop (working only with battery) ...and all works fine. wtf? is a kind ground problem??. anyone have the same situation??

    • Quentin Qiu | 11/17/2015

      Hi, what is the operating system of your computer, Windows OS or Mac OS?

      • eduardo nieve | 11/22/2015

        i use win 7. the was fixed connecting the printer on other electric point. But,... wtf? anyone have the same situation?? also, i have to mark the 'fase' and 'neutro' of all points electric.

  • Alek Mal | 10/06/2015

    Hi. All stepper motor input the same functionality (I want use it with 4 independent axis and 1 extruder)?

    • Quentin Qiu | 10/08/2015

      Yes they are, but you have to do modification yourself if you want to use it with 4 axis.

  • VLADIMIR AFANASEV | 10/05/2015

    Hello. Please send me firmware for Geeetech Prusa I3 X 3D printer. Thank you.

    • Quentin Qiu | 10/07/2015

      Hello,please tell me your main board type and leave your e-mail address.

  • Pierrick Dore | 10/03/2015

    I installed Repetier Firmware (Motherboard: Ultimaker 1.5.7) into your GT2560 (mounted on a GT2 Delta 3D printer). The firmware works except the 2004 controller (with config : "Smartcontroller for ReprapDiscount on Ramps"). Could you send me the custom configuration to run the GT2560 with Repetier Firmware please. Repetier Firmware is better for auto-level and with Repetier Host. Thank you.

  • Joe Cross | 09/18/2015

    Will this work in a CTC dual-extruder printer? What firmware is pre-installed and what firmwares are supported?

    • Quentin Qiu | 09/20/2015

      Hello Joe, yes it can work in a CTC dual-extruder printer. Pre-installed firmware is Marlin firmware, but it is designed for Geeetech's printer, so there may be some differences between it and that of CTC. About the firmware you can consult the original factory for help.

  • Evan Morris gachiri | 09/17/2015

    hey i need the gt2560 firmware i bought the 3dprinter from you some one moth ago here is my mail megasonlinejobs@gmail.com

    • Quentin Qiu | 09/17/2015

      Hello Evan, would you like to tell me which printer you bought?I need know the type of your printer in order to send the corresponding firmware to you.

  • Eugenio Rojas | 09/03/2015

    Hello, Can this support dual extruder? Expects says it support 5 steppers, but Z axis on prusa requires 2 stepper motors.

    • Quentin Qiu | 09/03/2015

      Hello Eugenio,it can support dual extruder,the 2 motors of Z-axis only occupy one slot

    • rita xiang | 09/04/2015

      yes, it support dual extruder, from the picture you can see there are 6 slots for steppers,and the two z axis steppers are in parallel-connection,so you just need 5 A4988 for the steppers. you can check the schematic diagram in wiki.

  • roman zahora | 07/30/2015

    What type is fuse for power supply unit GT2560 - located at left corner . they are white - 2 of them. and where I can order ?

    • Quentin Qiu | 08/31/2015

      Hello Roman, they are resettable fuse, their specification is SMT5*10, one of them is the type of 0154010.DRT, 10A/125V, and its location on the machine is F1;the other is the type of 0154015.DRT,15A/125V,its location is F3. You can buy them in local hardware store or order them online.

  • Paul Chase | 06/11/2015

    If you run the board at 24 volts are the fans regulated to 12v, or are they just 24v too? Considering this as a replacement for the RUMBA board, and that seems to be the only thing (other than 3rd extruder) missing.