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  • Open source GT2560 revb & LCD 2004 Display Combo Kit
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Open source GT2560 revb & LCD 2004 Display Combo Kit


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We combine GT2560 control board with LCD 2004 display to enhance people’s 3D printing needs.

GT2560, an open source control board, is a compact board that is integrated with the mighty function of the  Arduino Mega2560 +Ultimaker and Arduino Mega2560+ramps 1.4 on respect of both software and hardware and has more premium features. The streamlined interfaces effectively avoid the unnecessary troubles. Besides, the compact and highly integrated components highly integrated save more space and are easier to be mounted on most applications.

5 stepper motors, swappable driving modules, mighty ATmega2560 processor with 256k memory, 16MHz operating frequency and high-performance USB serial converter FT232RQ, all these make the GT2560 an ideal option for a 3D printer control board. What’s more, GT2560 can run over 12V to 24V which gives higher torque and higher rotation rate.

LCD 2004 display is a basic 20 character by 4 line dot matrix controller module designed for different 3D printer motherboard. The product contains 20 Character x 4 Line LCD display, a rotary encoder and 30cm connection cables. There is a SD Card slot on the back of the LCD Module, connecting it with the controller board of 3D Printer. Just insert your SD card into the SD slot, you can print 3D models without PC. 

Features of GT2560:

1.Integrated with the mighty function of the Arduino Mega2560+Ultimaker and Arduino Mega2560+ramps 1.4 kit, The GT2560 can not only take full place the  them on respect of both software and hardware, but also features compact size, more convenient connection, and more stable.

2. Adopt ATmega2560 as the main control chip, coupled with the high-performance USB serial converter FT232RQ.  

3. The power pack: operating voltage is 12V-24V; double power supply design feeds for heatbed and logical part separately. The current is 12A for heatbed and 5A for other parts. 

4. The main circuit adopts SMD fuse tube, the diode added to the power port can provide reverse protection to the whole circuit, in addition, the 5V USB is USB port protected with 500mA Recoverable fuse.

5. 3 12v fan output and one PWM output for LED or other lighting equipment.

6. 3 55Amp MOSFET (with LED indicator, the actual output is restricted by the PCB board and the connector), all 3 MOSFET are equipped with heat sink to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and stable operation.

7. Support 5 A4988 stepper drivers (3 for X/Y/Z axis, and 2 for extruders); the subdivision of stepper motor can be setup by dial switch, eliminating jumper caps, easier to operate.

8. 3 temperature sensor input (100k thermistor is recommended)

9. Extended LCD and SD card interface support both LCD2004 and LCD 12864, with which you can print without your PC.

10. The firmware is the prevalent Marlin, which is known for stability, usability and high performance.

GT2560 Update log:

1. A 3-pin straight pin is added to connect with 3D touch auto leveling sensor, soldering is not needed anymore.

2. The USB connector will not provide 5V for the board, if you need to refresh the firmware, please provide external power supply.

3. The power port has been changed from hollow to solid one to provide higher current-carrying capability.

4. The three heater connecter has been changed into blue ones: 2-pin RC301 5.0mm 15A

Features of LCD 2004 Display:

Display: 20 Characters X 4 lines

Module Size: 98.0mm x 60.0mm X 14.0mm

Viewing Area: 76.0mm x 25.2mm

Character Size: 2.95mm x 4.75mm

Controller IC: S6A0069 or equal

Supply voltage: 5V

Package list:
1x GT2560 control board
1 x LCD 2004 
2 x 20cm cable

Net weight: 168g

Shipping weight: 270g

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  • Frank Prangenberg | 10/17/2020

    May I use this for duplicator 5 DIY dual? or can you giv eme the link to its GT2560?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/23/2020

      hello, GT2560_Rev_B control board for Duplicator 5 is not listed on our store , you can email to sales@geeetech.com, we will arrange for you .

  • Danilo Martinetti | 06/18/2020


    • Jocelin Jia | 06/19/2020

      hi, this is not for A10M, pls check which control board your A10M have , and order the same. it maybe GT2560 V3.1 or V4.0

  • Bringme Truu Ravelengee | 02/28/2019

    I have ordered this part on 18-Feb, 20190218062550376, with express deliver. And after 20 days it still says processing and I have as yet no tracking code. Can you please help?

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/11/2019

      6935299630 dhl

  • renato priolo | 02/22/2019

    volevo sapere lo stato del mio ordine grazie

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/11/2019

      order number please

  • Michel robert Garnier | 01/22/2019

    Comment obtenir le schéma de mon achat. 20190104002421687

    • Jocelin Jia | 01/23/2019

      LW058661815DE DHL eCommerce

  • Joseph Bina | 12/29/2018

    Sorry for late. Can I use this Ver. B board to replace my Ver. A+ on my GT I3 Pro C dual Extruder. Do I need to order more A4988 stepper drivers also if mine might be bad ??

    • Jocelin Jia | 01/23/2019

      sorry,we do not suggest you use it as it need do some upgrades

  • Johann Podina | 12/13/2018

    Do you sell only the display with the cable, too?

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/14/2018

      please search SKU:700-001-0789

  • Joseph Bina | 12/06/2018

    Can I use this B.Ver. to replace my A= Ver. on my GTECH I3 Pro Dual that has Dual Z drive steppers

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/06/2018

      may i know you use proce or M201? Thanks

  • david c | 10/31/2018

    has any one uses the tmc2130 on this board?

    • Jocelin Jia | 11/02/2018

      it can use but you need change the stepper directions

  • Jesus Castro | 10/21/2018

    Hello, do you have shipping options to Mexico?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/22/2018

      please send mails to victory.lei@geeetech.cn for shipping fee, thanks

  • rainer winkler | 10/18/2018

    Is there a datasheet for this board (Open source GT2560 revb) ?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/18/2018

      which printer you use?

      • rainer winkler | 10/19/2018

        Geeetech A10

        • Jocelin Jia | 10/20/2018

          A10 use GTM32 v3 board, please send mails to victory.lei@geeetech.cn, thanks

          • Harly Hallikas | 10/23/2018

            Your statement that A10 uses GTM32 board is absolutely flawed. It's using GT2560 rev B board.

            • Jocelin Jia | 10/23/2018

              sorry, it use GT2560 V3 board, spell it wrong

  • Ralf Miunske | 09/17/2018

    Where can I find a complete description and pinout of this board when I want to compile my own firmware for this board?

  • david c | 08/31/2018

    i have a geeetech a10

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/31/2018

      please send mails to victory.lei@geeetech.cn to the motherboard, this board can not use

  • david c | 08/29/2018

    will the gt2560 rev a firmware work on this board?

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/30/2018

      can u tell which printer you use?