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  • NXP ARM LPC1768 Mini Core Board Cortex-M3
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NXP ARM LPC1768 Mini Core Board Cortex-M3


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LPC1700 chips uses high-performance ARM Cortex-M3 V2 32-bit version of RISC core operating frequency is 100 MHz. It is built-in high-speed memory (up to 512K bytes of flash memory and 64K bytes of SRAM), a wealth of enhanced I / O ports and connected to two APB bus peripherals. The board includes 8-channel 12-bit ADC and 10-bit DAC, 4 general-purpose 16-bit timers, PWM motor control interface, and several standard and advanced communication interfaces: up to three I2C, SPI, 2I2S, 1 a SDIO, 4 USART, a USB Host / Device / OTG interface and two CAN, Ethernet MIC Interface, Quadrature Encoder interface.

LPC1700 series of working at -40°C to 105°C temperature range, supply voltage of 2.0V to 3.6V. It highlights a series of power-saving mode of its low power consumption.

With Plenty of peripheral configuration, making the LPC1700 microcontroller is suitable for many applications:

* Motor drive and application control

* Medical and handheld devices

* Automotive electronics and other fields



Item Detail Description:

1.Core Chip: LPC1768FBD

2.USB 2.0 Device Full Speed interface, you can do USB experiment (HID, Virtual U disk) can be downloaded directly through the USB program.

3.ARM JTAG 20-pin Block

4.leads all the IO ports are

5.1 LED

6.2 users keys, external interrupts can do experiments

7.the power indicator.

8.AD temperature (on-board thermal resistance)

9.12 Mhz and 32.768Khz clock oscillator

10.PCB Size: 80x50mm

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