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  • No stock/ water washable UV Resin for LCD/SLA 3D Printer/white
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No stock/ water washable UV Resin for LCD/SLA 3D Printer/white


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Geeetech 405nm Resin for LCD UV 3D Printer Sensitive Resin 500ml 


This product comes with three features: 

1) High speed adhesion with faster curing time

2) Easy to take out from the plate

3) Higher precision prints and water washable. In addition, no cleaning agent or alcohol required and can clean any residual stains directly with water.

Resin parameter:

Name: 3D printing photosensitive resin

Model: GT-WR01

Characteristic: General type, washable

Surface: Multiple colors

Viscositycps@25℃: 120-150

Curing speedEcmJ/cm2: 5.0

Tensile strengthMPa): 60

Young modulusMPa): 2800

Elongation%): 7

Impact strengthJ/m): 22

Distortion temperature℃)0.46 MPa ~ 1.81 MPa: 51~68

Size: 110*100*230


Terms and Conditions:

Shake well before use. If needed wear gloves and mask for safety, the recommended temperature room temperature, to avoid dust and moist environment.



1 No drink.

2 Keep away from children.

3 Avoid eye contact. Please see doctor if you are allergic to it.


Close the container tightly in a cool, dry and well ventilated area. Storage temperature: The recommended storage temperature is 10-25 °C. Storage temperature should not exceed 25 °C.

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