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  • Newest Rainbow Pibow Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Model B+
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Newest Rainbow Pibow Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Model B+


Shipping Weight:200g


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Is your hacker life with Raspberry Pi dull or at least looks monotonous to others, try to add some colors to your project with this Rainbow Pibow Enclosure for your Raspberry Pi Model B+, it can certainly spice up your every hacker project.

This Rainbow Pibow Enclosure for your Raspberry Pi Model B+ is craft out of high-quality acrylic layers with a transparent top and base and 7 multi-color sandwich layers. The new standard Pibow can now fit extension boards within the housing, and an extra extension layer of the case (the case is built out of plastic layers that you stack a top one another) has been included.
It's glossy, slick, durable and nifty. You can hardly tear yourself away from it.

Even putting aside its stylish look, the enclosure is quite easy to assemble. It's held together by nylon bolts so there are no tools required for assembly. You simply stack the layers around your Raspberry Pi Model B+ to protect it from the outside world.  What’s more, the case is lightweight and can be mounted to any surface and stands out in almost any room.



Extra extension layer included

As light as 94 grams makes it ideal for mounting to any surface.

Clear top and base leave your Raspberry Pi visible

High-quality multi-color acrylic  layers

Etched port markings and cable escapes

Protects your Raspberry Pi from the outside world

Easy access to primary ports

No tools are required for assembly or disassembly.

Please note that this product applies for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ only!


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