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  • New version Reprap Printrboard (RepRap electronics sets)
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New version Reprap Printrboard (RepRap electronics sets)


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Printrboard, a development board, originally based on sanguinololu, is one of the lasted versions of control board for 3D printer. Compared with sanguinololu, what makes Printrboard special is the on-chip USB, removing the need for the FTDI UART (USB-to-serial) IC. On-chip USB means dramatically faster firmware upload times and communication. What’s more, the Printrboard is equipped with a micro SD slot, which means you can paste the print file to the SD card to implement off-line printing. Printrboard is highly integrated, all our Printrboard has been tested rigorously and preassembled before shipping, including the four integrated Allegro A4982 Stepper Drivers (no Pololus needed), which is on the one hand a good thing for a lay man of electronics, but on another hand, it will be difficult for them to repair by themselves if there is some damage. On the whole, the Printrboard is of high capacity-price ratio and friendly to use.

Note: the bayonet sockets of ATX-4 on this new version is inwards



1. 4 Non-replacement integrated Allegro A4982 Stepper Drivers.

2. 2 channel high current (30A) device interface for heaters

3. Controllable fan

4. Four endstop connectors supplied 5V. Includes X, Y, Z, and fourth endstop called E-Stop to be used as an emergency stop, or extruder stop (to be added in firmware).

5. 2 thermistor connectivity

6. Power supply (12-20V 120W minimum)

7. Integrated USB interface and on-board SD card slot

8. Expansion headers supporting I2C, SPI, UART, and ADC pins.

9. Support one extruder only

10. Highly integrated and high capacity-price ratio. 

For more information about this item, please click wiki Page


Video : Review of GeTech PrintrBoard from Paul Estep

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  • IGOR FIGUEIREDO | 10/02/2018

    this board can replace the printrbot rev. f5?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/05/2018

      which printer you use?

  • Bkngt Eri Ertiksson | 01/13/2017

    I can not find boards specified in Pictures of IDE. not even in specified linked arduino IDE. how do i get a printrboard in board list?

    • rita xiang | 01/16/2017

      teensylu/printrboard can you find this in the list?

  • Eddie Barcenas | 11/16/2016

    what lcd screen is compatible with this board

    • rita xiang | 11/18/2016

      i am sorry to tell you that there is no lcd that is compatible with Printrboard

      • Eddie Barcenas | 11/22/2016

        so what is the exp1 port do or what is it for

  • manuel leal | 08/16/2015

    I new on this and I need this board to repast a bad one from 3d printer.how to install firmware marlin in it.

    • rita xiang | 08/30/2015

      http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Printrboard#File_Burning Here you can see to to install the firmwre

  • ALAN DA SILVA FLORENCIO | 08/08/2014

    WARNING. ATX conection in Inverted!!!!

  • Daniel Schinsky | 06/29/2014

    I just purchaced this card ... I have it installed now... and I have been trying for a couple of hours now on mulitple computers to get the firmware installed. Tried all the drivers I can find... I have win 8.1 and I have tried win7 as well ... when I use FLIP and I try to connect I get an error: "Could not open USB device" what now.. I feel like I got a lemon :(

  • Michael M Slobodskih | 11/11/2013

    why this version has no mounting holes ?

  • mauro manco | 10/29/2013

    atx power connection are inverted?

  • Christopher Lau | 10/07/2013

    Purchased 4 of these and already burnt 3 because the trace wire from the supply to the hotend/hotbed couldn't handle the current. Read the wiki page and saw that it can only handle up to 120W (10amps). This is way too small since 3d printers with a heated bed platform needs at least 20 - 30 amps. I have jumped the wires to fix the problem but this isn't safe and a big fire hazard. Everything works fine except the trace wire being undersized. I would purchase more boards only if this problem is fixed.

  • Michael M Slobodskih | 08/24/2013

    Board only have bootloader ? or flashed with marlin/sprinter/etc firmware?

    • Chan Channa | 08/25/2013 | GET Staff

      Board only have bootloader

  • Paul Estep | 08/03/2013

    If you run windows XP/7/8 you will need to install the drivers on your computer first this is easy to do and is the most effective way to get this board flashed. you can download the drivers from here: http://www.geeetech.com/new-version-reprap-printerboard-reprap-electronics-sets-p-653.html You will have to install that with admin privileges you can do this on windows 7/8 by right clicking and say run as admin. I hope this helps some people out.

    • Paul Estep | 11/20/2013

      @Ian Lee Sorry about that here are the links to the drivers Windows-only: http://pjrc.com/teensy/serial_install.exe Windows/Mac/Linux: packaged with Atmel's FLIP software http://www.atmel.com/tools/FLIP.aspx

    • Ian Lee | 09/29/2013

      Paul, your link is to this same page. What is the link to the drivers? Thanks!

  • Branilson Costa | 07/27/2013

    Can I use some kind of LCD controller for stand alone operation with this board?

    • Chan Channa | 07/29/2013 | GET Staff

      Thanks for your comment.You must connect it with jump wires.