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  • New Pololu Shield RAMPS-FD for Arduino Due 3D printer controller
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New Pololu Shield RAMPS-FD for Arduino Due 3D printer controller


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When you use Arduino Due as the controller of your 3D Printer, you may find the RAMPS1.4 is not compatible with DUE.As you know the Arduino Due is a microcontroller board based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3, the importance is the Atmel SAM3X8E chip used on the Due operates at 3.3V,worse applying 5V to the Due's inputs will likely damage the chip.

So we create a new RAMPS variant which is compatible with the Due to replace Ramps1.4.


Why should I use Ramps-FD instead of Ramps1.4

Campare Ramps-FD with Ramps1.4,the Improvements of Ramps-FD are below

* The RAMPS-FD has other hardware protection, through the jumper cap control motor drive IC

* The RAMPS-FD Much more than Ramps1.4 2-way PWM

* The RAMPS-FD has Larger driving power than Ramps1.4

* The RAMPS-FD 'POWER has two choices:12v and 24v



Why should I select Arduino DUE instead of Arduino Mega

* CPU operates at 3.3V

* High-current IO pins are capable of 15 mA source, 9 mA sink

* Low-current IO pins capable of 3 mA source, 6 mA sink

* CPU package has an absolute max of 130mA

* The Due has 1 dedicated SPI port, and 4 multipurpose USART/SPI ports. The SPI port is only routed to the 6 pin header used for ICSP on Mega, but this is not used for ICSP on Due

* The Due does not have any EEPROM

* Due has lower power, computing faster and flash, sram bigger than mega2560.


You will need to buy a  LCD adapter for RAMPS-FD. 

Package List:

× RAMPS-FD Shield for Arduino DUE


For more information, please kindly check wiki page.

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  • Rafal Jastrzebski | 01/24/2018

    This is awesome board. I have one. Pls add some small improvements as described in http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS-FD to v 2.1 , add EEPROM and it will be the best one.

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Rafal,sorry for late reply.Thanks for your advice.We will improve it.

  • d phillips | 12/20/2017

    I was looking for versin 2.1. Do you have it, or are you still selling the old version v1.2 I ask this as the Ramps-Fd designers say don't buy any version less than 2.0 http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS-FD

    • Zina Luo | 12/21/2017

      Hi Phillips ,you can check with our tech by technical@geeetech.com


    Hi i am new to this controller. May i know the suitable firmware to run this controller.

    • Zina Luo | 11/21/2017

      Hi ,for more details you can check here:http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Ramps-FD and if there still have any doubts you can email to our tech for help:technical@geeetech.com

  • Bob Kuhn | 06/22/2017

    Can this be used with a mega2560? I want a shield with 6 steppers on it.

    • Zina Luo | 06/26/2017

      Hi Bob ,sorry that ,it cannot as it just can be used on Arduino DUE.

  • Florian Appel | 05/25/2017

    Hello, which version do you offer right now? I´m searching for V2.

    • Zina Luo | 05/25/2017

      Hi Florian ,this is the version1.2,we havenot the V2 one.

  • Jakub Tomczak | 08/28/2015

    Hello, which version do you offer right now - v1 or v2?

    • rita xiang | 08/30/2015


  • Dennis Planner | 08/23/2015

    Hello, does this version have EEPROM or the ability to add EEPROM through a module?

    • rita xiang | 08/30/2015

      sorry, The Due does not have any EEPROM

  • Vladimir Gutkovskii | 04/15/2015

    What version is the ramps-fd now on sale april 2015?

  • Vladimir Gutkovskii | 04/08/2015

    What version is the ramps-fd now on sale april 2015? Thanks!

  • fabrice bougardier | 02/06/2015

    hello What version is the ramps-fd (ramps-fd V2?) Are all the problem corrected merci

  • fabrice bougardier | 02/06/2015

    What version is the ramps-fd

  • Tongdam Lumtoiting | 10/20/2014

    What are files for burned into Arduino Due? http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/File:RepRapFirmware-master.zip

    • koko xu | 10/21/2014

      32-bit marlin firmware is in development at present, as far as I know as if hasn't released, so if you need to use Due, the need to write the youself firmware!

  • Tongdam Lumtoiting | 10/19/2014

    How I can connect and used Reprap Smart controller LCD12864 Version (LED turn on control) with Ramp-FD?

    • koko xu | 10/20/2014

      you need a LCD-panel-adapter-FD and you can look this http://www.reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS-FD and https://github.com/bobc/bobc_hardware/tree/master/LCD-panel-adapter-FD

      • Tongdam Lumtoiting | 10/20/2014


  • Stuart Young | 11/17/2013

    While I am happy that suppliers are jumping on new designs (even if they're a bit bleeding edge, as this one isn't yet anywhere near final), I would ask that you do not modify them. As one of the many "brains" behind this open source deisgn, you've removed one of the key changes we implemented, which was removing the PTC fuses and replacing them with standard micro-automotive type fuses. The 11A PTC device (MF-R1100) is only rated to a maximum of 16V - running these PTC fuses at 24V is dangerous and can lead to the device catching fire. Saying that the board can handle 24V while it has PTC MF-R1100's on it is, in effect, putting your customers at risk. RAMBo also moved away from using these PTC devices with V1.2 of their board (and the version you show on your site has a fuse on it no less). Until this changes, I cannot in good conscience, recommending anyone buy this design. Please reconsider. PS: As said, I have no qualms with you selling this design. I just want it to be safe.