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  • MK8 Extruder mount plate
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MK8 Extruder mount plate


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This metal sheet is used to mount the MK8 extruder on other frames. 

For detailed dimension, please refer to the picture.

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  • Scott Hodges | 10/15/2018

    This is a wonderful mounting solution, eliminating several pieces in the stock mount but ,unfortunately, the threaded hole dimensions are too narrow to use directly on the X-carraige of my Geetech Prusa I3. I swap heads frequently and the stock head/base/plate/mount solution is clunky and time consuming to change. Do you have a ready-made or printable X-carraige solution that matches the dimension of this part?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/15/2018

      PROB or PROW..? As so many I3 printers.