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  • Mizar S Dual Drive Gear Extruder
  • Mizar S Dual Drive Gear Extruder
  • Mizar S Dual Drive Gear Extruder
  • Mizar S Dual Drive Gear Extruder

Mizar S Dual Drive Gear Extruder

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The dual-drive extruder adopts a gear train of 3:1 speed ratio, the dual gear drives the filament at the same time, which can effectively avoid grinding filament and filament slipping problem which often appears on single gear extruder. It provides a strong driving force for your 3D printer filament, and effectively improve the overall printing quality of 3D printer.

Key features:

 Dual-drive gear, providing stronger and more stable driving force.

 Gear train of 2:1 speed ratio.

 Adjustable lever handle

Quick filament exchanging: pull the lever handle of the extruder to change filament

Packing List:

Extruder *1

Motor drive gear *1

Motor support *1 

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  • caleb mudge   |   06/01/2022

      |   reply

    How do you get the bowden tube to stay in? Mine won't stay in the extruder end at all.

    • Geeetech Staff   |   06/02/2022

        |   reply

      There are quick joints at both ends of the extruder, which can clamp the Teflon tube.