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  • Melzi V2.0 Controller Board
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Melzi V2.0 Controller Board


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Melzi V2.0 is a compact all-in-one control board which supports only one extruder. Its plug-and-play capability contributes to less time consuming for development and installation. Melzi V2.0 is a quiet mature product with good stability. Melzi 2.0 is based on Arduino Leonardo, so it is more accurate in temperature detection. MelziV2.0 has the following amelioration compared with V1.0: the MOSFET of heatbed and extruder have better capacity of heat dissipation; SD slot adopts outer lead bonding, improving the stability of reading and writing, protecting sd car from damage. When connected to PC, the LED will give prompts for users to know the connection.


1. Operating voltage: 12v

2. Main control IC: ATMEGA1284P from ATMEL

3. FT232RL USB interface

4.4 built-in  A4988 stepper motor drivers.

5.MK1、MK2a、MK2b、MK3 controllable hotbed MK1、MK2a、MK2b、MK3

6. Mini SD card slot that integrates G code files.

7. The integration of 3 MOSFET driver amphenol connectors for hotbed, fan and extruder.


For more information, please kindly visit our wiki page.

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