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  • Melzi kits-Heatbed PCB MK2a+Thermistor+Acrylic plate+Cables ect.
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Melzi kits-Heatbed PCB MK2a+Thermistor+Acrylic plate+Cables ect.


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1.Melzi Ardentissimo Board

The Melzi Ardentissimo is a full-featured Melzi board using the ATMEGA644P (ATMEGA1284P is being tested) chip used on Sanguinololu. This is a Sanguinololu firmware compatible board, though does have a couple of extra features the Sanguinololu does not - namely the extra Mosfet for the fan, and a software controllable LED. Melzi has micro SD on board as well. A full StepStick clone is on board as well negating the need for external stepper motor drivers. 


2. Heatbed MK2a


1. Laminate: FR4 1.6±0.15mm

2. Two layer, 35μm copper

3. Power Input: 12Vdc

4. Copper plated holes

5. Resistance between 1-2 ohm

6. Dimensions 214mmx 214mm


3.Acrylic universal support plate

How do you mount your controller board on your smart printer?I want to reccomend this acrylic universal support plate to you.

It is of 28mm x 11.5mm and will make it possible for your smart printer to mount most of the board and shield,like Sanguinololu,Teensylu,Ramps1.4,Melzi,Brainwave,Megatronics,Motherboard,Generation 6 and so on.


Package List:

1 x Melzi Ardentissimo Controller Board

1 x Heatbed MK2a with soldered resistor and led

2 x 100Kohm NTC Thermistors

1 x Acrylic universal support plate 

1 x 2GB SD card 

2 x Cable for heatbed

10 x 1-pin Female-Female cable

8 x 2-pin Male-Female cable

1 x USB Cable



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