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  • Mebot smart car platform
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Mebot smart car platform


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Mebot, a smart car focusing on STC89C52 single-chip computer, is not just a learning board based on 51 sing-chip computer, but a powerful development board based on large single-chip computer. All functions of this smart car can be controlled by programming, so as to learn single-chip computer in entertainment atmosphere. I believe that this kind of smart car will be your best choice. It is the best teaching method to learn knowledge with enjoyment. If your are a beginner of single-chip computer, with this smart car, you can learn knowledge of this aspect from flowing-water light and master the programming of single-chip computer step by step; if your are an engineer of single-chip computer, with this smart car, your can expand the function that you want at will. You can do anything if you really want to. 






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