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  • LilyPad Temperature Sensor
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LilyPad Temperature Sensor


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This is a small thermistor type temperature sensor-MCP9700. As we all know,detecting temperature changes has never been easier. This sensor will allow you to establish the local ambient temperature by doing an analog to digital conversion on the signal line. It also can detect physical touch based on body heat and ambient conditions with this small sensor. This sensor will output 0.5V at 0 degrees C,0.75V at 25 C, and 10mV per degree C. 


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  • Acosta Ventura | 10/14/2014

    Hi my name is Miguel Acosta, I am interested to buy 150 LilyPad Temperature Sensor and let me know if they can make me a discount on the price per unit. Clarified that if offered a good discount, I'll buy 1000 units.

    • Richard Deng | 10/16/2014

      Hello here, yes we can give you a discount, the large order the more discount. Would you pleasew kindly contact our customer service sales@geeetech.com, they will give you a quote.