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  • Light Sensor Module
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Light Sensor Module


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The Light Sensor brick Module is based on photoresistor, It measures the environment light intensity and input data to Arduino through the analog IO port of Sensor Shield. Great tool for light following robot, gardening system or home alert system.

Building interactive work is as easy as piling bricks, just plug it to Arduino Sensor Shield with a buckled cable, and make it looks professional and neat.



Demo Code:

int ledPin = 13;//choose pin for the LED
int inputPin = 2;//choose input pin (for Push Button)
int val = 0;// variable for reading the pin status


void setup() {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);// declare LED as output
pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);// declare magnetic switch as input


void loop(){
val = digitalRead(inputPin);// read input value
if (val == HIGH) {// check if the input is HIGH
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // turn LED OFF
  } else {
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);// turn LED ON




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