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  • LCD 2004 Screen for A10 A10M A10T with GT2560 V3.1 or V4.0 board
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LCD 2004 Screen for A10 A10M A10T with GT2560 V3.1 or V4.0 board


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this LCD 2004 Screen is only for A10 A10M printer with GT2560 V3.1 or GT2560 V4.0 control board.

if your A10 or A10M printer LCD do not looks like this, and is GT2560 V3.0 control board, you need LCD 700-001-0996, and LCD cable 37-001-0224. they are not listed on the store, you can buy this and leave a comment for your order you need LCD and cable

compatible with GT2560 V3.0 board, we will change your odrer for you, send you the right one. 


LCD 2004 display is a basic 20 character by 4 line dot matrix controller module designed for different 3D printer motherboard. The product contains 20 Character x 4 Line LCD display, a rotary encoder. There is a SD Card slot on the back of the LCD Module, connecting it with the controller board of 3D Printer. Just insert your SD card into the SD slot, you can print 3D models without PC. 



Display: 20 Characters X 4 lines

Module Size: 130.0mm x 70.0mm X 20.0mm

Viewing Area: 76.0mm x 25.2mm

Character Size: 2.95mm x 4.75mm

Supply voltage: 5V


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  • Xavier Rosso | 10/24/2020

    Hello, is there an lcd cable provided? or should you buy it next to it, if so which one, I didn t find it on the site Thank you

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/27/2020

      hello, lcd cable is not listed on our store , you can leave a comment for your order when you order this screen , comment : also need the LCD cable , i will add the cable into your order when i process the orders and see your comment for your order

  • George Blomberg | 10/20/2020

    Better them the old one . VERY HAPPY

  • Steven Arkon | 07/28/2020

    Where can I get a screen for the A20M?

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/06/2020

      hello, A20M screen is not listed on our store yet , you can order this A10M screen , but leave a comment for your order , need A20M screen for 4.0 board instead if your printer is with 4.0 board . i will change order for you when process orders, send you A20M screen. thanks