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  • LCD 12864 Display Shield
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LCD 12864 Display Shield


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Arduino LCD 12864 Shield is compatible with both serial interface and parallel interface.

This item has the both serial interface and parallel interface、the backlight control switch (compatible with serial and parallel mode)、ontrast adjustment knob、insert IDC6 socket and IDC14 socket, and can connect with  Arduino Sensor Shield through the special cable which come with this item.

According to the example code we provide, you can use the Arduino as MCU to complete the function of displaying 128 characters (8 X16 dot matrix) and graphic display (128 X64 dot matrix), best choice for Arduino interactive display.

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  • Thierry Parent | 08/14/2019

    Hello I need a screen for my A20. Reference is the same but the my screen is different (button+flat ribon 40 connection) Could you provide it and how could I proceed ? Thank you

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/27/2019

      hello, pls send an email to sales@geeetech.com with your shipping address, we will arrange offline for you