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  • Laptop Debug king(3-IN-1) card Mini PCI-E PC PCI diagnostic
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Laptop Debug king(3-IN-1) card Mini PCI-E PC PCI diagnostic


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DEBUG KING (3-IN-1) is upgraded version of the Three –IN-One Notebook Debug card, and it is composed by two parts: DEBUG KING HOST and 3-IN-1 INTERPOSER.DEBUG KING HOST is powered by USB port, and using LCD to display English and photos. Also, it supports the debug code feature so that users can be easy to find the different debug code English description. The 3-IN-1 INTERPOSER supports note book MiniPCI and LPC bus interface. DEBUG KING HOST gets notebook debug code from 3-IN-1 INTERPOSER, and then shows the corresponding English or Photos information based on the debug code, and also gives their repair suggestion. With DEBUG KING (3-IN-1), Users don’t need to remember the meaning of every debug code, and DEBUG KING can show it to user directly, It is convenient for uses to fix their computer issues quickly.



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