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  • Kits-Sanguinololu+Smart controller+4-layer A4988+Endstop...
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Kits-Sanguinololu+Smart controller+4-layer A4988+Endstop...


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Our technical team have made some modifications to make it possible for the LCD controller of RAMPS 1.4 to adapt to Sanguinololu.With this set,you could run your Sanguinololu without any PC.

Please note before you place an order,due to the limited pins on Sanguinololu,the buzzer is of no use and the 'kill pin' has been changed to 'reset'.


Package List:

1 x Assembled Sanguinololu Rev 1.3a

4 x NEW 4layer A4988 stepper driver

4 x Heatsink for A4988

2 x Thermal Conductive Heatsink Mount Sticker 35mm X 35mm

1 x Add-on SD module for Sanguinololu

1 x Smart LCD 2004 controller with adapter and cable

3 x Mechanical endstop

1 x Cooler fan

1 x USB2.0

1 x Cable set(5x2-pin,5x3-pin,5x4-pin,of 70cm length)


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  • Fernando Leitao | 07/20/2014

    It's possible to receive this board with Molex HDD? Because I got 2 boards from Geeetech with ATX connector and was soldered inverted.

    • Jet Lee | 07/22/2014 | GET Staff

      Hello Fernaado, we don't have the Molex HDD cable now, for the inverted ATX soldered you mentioned, you can see the + and - on the board marked, when you conect to the power, please be care of it.