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Iduino Yun Shield


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Iduino_Yun_Shield, an extremely powerful development for Arduino board, is designed to solve the problems of connection and storage which exist in the Arduino board. Iduino_Yun_Shield runs Open Source OpenWrt System (Same system as runs in Arduino Yun) and it is fully compatible with Arduino IDE V1.5.4 or later versions. Yun Shield is an ideal choice for Arduino Projects which require various internet connections and more storage.
Actually, Iduino_Yun_Shield is equal to the official Arduino Yun, but Iduino_Yun_Shield is more flexible because it can work with other Arduino board such as Uno, Duemilanove, and Mega etc. Iduino_Yun_Shield uses external antenna which provides stable connection under various environments.
The Iduino Yun is the core module of Iduino_Yun_Shield. And it requires 200mA current when in full load, so it is powered by the Arduino VIN pins to avoid overheated in the Arduino onboard 5V LD0.


1. Open source Linux system (OpenWrt) inside
2. Low power consumption
3. Compatible with Arduino IDE 1.5.4 or later versions. Users can program, debug or upload Sketch to Arduino board
4. Managed by Web GUI, SSH via LAN or Wifi
5. Software upgradable via network
6. Support internet connection via LAN port, Wifi or 3G dongle
7. Support USB flash to provide storage for Arduino projects
8. Reliable design provides robust system
9. Compatible with Arduino Leonardo, Uno, Duemilanove, Diecimila and Mega


For more information, please kindly check at wiki page.

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  • P-O Y | 12/23/2018

    How is the Arduino/clone (Uno as I'm currently testing with) programmed through the shield when it has a CH340/CH340G in place of the mega16u2 (which has to be disabled) ? I was able to connect and erase the currently running program on the Arduino with Arduino Yun as selected board type and port set to the IP-address of the Yun shield. Programming result says succes both in writing and verifying, but the program does not run on the Ardiono (simple blink example) Port: IP-address

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/24/2018


  • Dmitry Sidorenko | 04/13/2016

    Hello! I'm interested in wifi(Iduino Yun Shield) + arduino mega 2560. Could you post some simple example "getting started" + simple sketch?

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/13/2016

      Hi you can contact this e-mail technical@geeetech.com for technical support. Thank you.

  • Aaron Nall | 03/30/2016

    Hello, I am able to access the web GUI with my phone, but no wifi routers show up on the system settings page even though I have two wifi routers in my shop and the same phone can see them, but not the iduino config page via mobile browser. I don't have a desktop with wifi capability.

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/01/2016

      Hi you can contact this e-mail technical@geeetech.com for technical support. Thank you.

  • Jean-Pierre Badan | 11/16/2015

    Hello Geeetech Team Probleme for software installation. iduino yun shell on a leonardo shell installed Firmware Version Dragino-v2 common-2.0.4 Kernel Version 3.3.8 I wanr to installe some softwares (openssh-server & samba) In System/Software when I do the update lists command, nothing happens. I tried, in terminal mode,the command: root@dragino-6b4f3b:~# opkg update __ PROMPT ANSWER Downloading http://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/motherboards/ms14/Firmware/Yun/Packages--v2.x/Packages.gz. with the same result.

    • Quentin Qiu | 11/26/2015

      Hi you can contact this e-mail sherry.li@geeetech.cn for technical support, or you can go to our forum to post your problem. http://www.geeetech.com/forum/

  • Mike Robertson | 10/14/2015

    I just got this shield but I am not seeing a wireless network for it when it is opwered up. I ave an Arduino uno and running a 12v power adapter in to power it. I have added the jumper to the uno. All i am getting is a solid light on the R10 led.No unsecured Wifi network is displaying...

    • Quentin Qiu | 10/15/2015

      Hello Mike, you can go to this link for more help, http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Iduino_Yun_Shield#How_to_set_up_Iduino_Yun_Shield Check whether your computer or smartphone can detect the WIFI called "Iduino-A8404113A358" or not.Before you do this, make sure that you already have a good combination of arduino uno and iduino yun, and be careful not distorting the pins.If you still can't detect WIFI, try to reset iduino yun.

  • Carlos Gaete | 09/09/2015

    Please help , I have iduino yun shell on a leonardo shell installed correctly, but Arduino IDE does not recognize default plate as shown in tutorial. the wiki for DRAGINO shell is exactly the same but there is a link to download files that add dragino plate: http://wiki.dragino.com/index.php?title=Getting_Start_with_Arduino_Yun#Detect_Dragino_Yun Where I can download these files for IDUINO yun ? Thank you.

    • Quentin Qiu | 09/10/2015

      Hello Carlos,you don't need the files.What you are advised to do is checking the followings: 1.Is the version of Arduino IDE 1.5.4 or higher? 2.Whether your PC is in the same network environment with Iduino_Yun_Shield or not. 3.Sometimes the problem you described may appear when the start of Iduino_Yun_Shield is prior to that of Arduino IDE,so try to restart Iduino_Yun_Shield to solve the problem.

      • Carlos Gaete | 09/11/2015

        Quentin Many thanks, I detected not really happened, just disassemble everything and reconnected, now works. Like I said about the Iduino yun shield is installed on Leonardo Shield, so the configuration would it be: Shield "Arduino Leonardo" and Port "Arduino Yun" or Shield "Arduino Yun" and Port "Arduino Yun". I ask because unfortunately when loading a basic example as "ScanNetworks" (Yun shield energized with 9V DC and charging via USB cable program on Leonardo shield), the serial port says "WiFi shield not present". ¿Would I have to load the program for wifi or direct to Yun shield with an USB-USB cable? Thanks for your help.

        • Quentin Qiu | 09/14/2015

          You're welcome Carlos. The right configuration should be: Shield "Arduino Leonardo" and Port "Arduino Yun". For the problem "WiFi shield not present" you mentioned ,mabybe it is because your computer didn't successfully connect to the wifi sent by Arduino yun shield, please check the wifi of your computer.Please feel free to ask us for help.Thank you for your question.

          • Carlos Gaete | 09/15/2015

            Thanks, I checked the connections: - Shield Leonardo. - USB port (COM4 Arduino Leonardo) - Puerto WIFI: Iduino at (Arduino Yun) All connections are working properly, I can smoothly enter the settings via web to Ssh access to Linux -_ OK. The failure occurs when loading the "ScanNetworks" (wifi programs) program via USB Arduino Leonardo com4 says: WiFi shield not present. the other basic programs work, but using wifi throw this error.

            • Quentin Qiu | 09/15/2015

              When your computer is connected to the WiFi sent by Arduino Yun, open Arduino IDE(higher version than 1.5.4),and the Arduino IDE will detect the port of Yun shield. Have your Arduino IDE ever detected such a port?

              • Carlos Gaete | 09/16/2015

                wifi always correctly detects the port, even if I change the configuration of Arduino IDE: shield: Yun shield, port: Yun shield, I can load the sketch via wifi . This does not work if the board configuration is Leonardo. I'm thinking of buy a mega 256 shield for test.

                • Quentin Qiu | 09/16/2015

                  If you use wifi to do this, the principle will be:the sketch is first sent to Yun Shield,then it is sent to Leonardo via Yun Shield. So when you are choosing the board type in Arduino IDE, you can only choose Arduino Yun. If you want to use Leonardo type, just connect it with USB and don't use wifi.

  • Guilherme D'Amoreira | 05/30/2015

    Didn't work using arduino mega. Nothing happened when I powered it.

  • Aki Kangas | 05/28/2015

    Does it support USB memory. i have one here and it does not recognize any usb sticks and generate /dev/SD?1 devices?

  • ERICO VARGAS | 03/12/2015

    works with arduino due?