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  • HYBRID stepper motor 42HSC8402-25B
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HYBRID stepper motor 42HSC8402-25B


Shipping Weight:500g

Quantity in stock:923


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Step angle:1.8°

Rated voltage: DC 3.0V

Number of phase:2

Rated current: DC 1.5A

rotation direction:A-AB-A-clockwise

Resistance per phase:2.0±15%ohm(20℃)

Insulation class:B

Inductance per phase:4.5±20% mH(1kHz)

Rotor inertia:100 g.cm²

Holding torque:≥600mN.m

Weight: 0.5Kg

Dimension:42x 42 x 60mm (without shaft)

Length of wire:120cm

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  • araken lotufo | 11/04/2018

    hi i have a m201 and i change the motor of y for the extruder motor model NEMA 42hsc8402-15b11. this is a geeetech original motor. this motor came with m201. what i need to change on my gt2560 A+ firmware to works? because i test stepper 83, 80 but not work very well the layer not stay aligned. i use driver A5998 thank's

    • Jocelin Jia | 11/05/2018

      please send pictures to jocelin.jia@geeetech.cn, thanks

  • raymond andrè eikehaug | 05/04/2016

    Should i replace my Y axis stepper motor from i3 Pro B with this? would that give me faster and/or better quality prints?

    • Quentin Qiu | 05/04/2016

      Hi you can contact this e-mail technical@geeetech.com for technical support. Thank you.