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  • GTM32 MINIS control board for A30 printer
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GTM32 MINIS control board for A30 printer


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      Open Source GTM32 Minis

GTM32  series control board is fully self-developed, open source control board by Geeetech for high-performance 3D printers. It keeps Geeetech’s uniformly optimized interface specifications, easy to assemble and with compact layout, high integration and high performance.

GTM32 series control board adopts the current mainstream high-performance Cortex M3 core chip STM32F103, with its running frequency of up to 72MHz.The control board supports up to 6 stepper motors, namely, XYZ axis motors and 1 extruders. Users can replace the driving modules, such as A4988 and TMC2208 modules, according to their own needs. Besides, it employs the high performance USB serial chip CH340, which enables users to manipulate the control board via USB cable. Its output voltage is12V /24V.

2. Features of GTM32 Minis

a. Adopting high-performance Cortex M3 core chip STM32F103, with its running frequency of up to 72MHz.

b. Using high-performance USN serial chip CH340,  compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux etc. mainstream operation system.

c. The output voltage of GTM32 series control board is 12V/24V. It is characterized by dual power supply design, powering up the hotbed and other electronic components respectively. 

d. The main circuit adopts in-line fuse, with overcurrent protection and reverse protection. The USB power supply interface has a restorable fuse, with its current at 500mA.

e. The control board features three interfaces for PWM fans.

f. Supporting up to 4 stepper motors, namely, XYZ axis motor and an extruder. The common use of stepper motor drivers are A4988 and TMC2208.

g. The control board comes with expansion interfaces for LCD display and SD card, supporting stand-alone printing.

h Supporting filament runout sensor 

i Supporting break and resume printing.


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