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  • Geeetech Rumba + A4988 stepper driver+ Heatsink + sticke+usb
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Geeetech Rumba + A4988 stepper driver+ Heatsink + sticke+usb


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In virtue of the integrated control board which is based on ATmega’s AVR processor, Rumba is the core of a 3D printer, carver, laser cutter and other CNC.The integrated design makes it easy to install and debug. Compared with other 3D Printer control board, Rumba has one more motor driver and less plug-in part so that it can improve the connectivity and stability of printing.



1 the same CPU with that of Arduino MEGA as main control chip, laced with the high-performance USB chip- Atmega2560, it is compatible with all relevant firmware of RAMPS.

2 Five interfaces as input for temperature sensor.

3 All pins being broken out for more extended development..

4 With expanding interface, it can connect the LCD display and the development board.

5 Servo’s expanding interface makes it easier to add the automatic leveling.

6 Supporting 6 pieces of 16 micro stepping drivers of A4988。 

7 PWM DC output( heating pipe ,fan), six channels of output( 1 channel of  high current, 3 channels of medium current and 2 channels of low current). Use low on-resistance MOS Varactor as driver and can LED tests each output.

8 Power-supply: power input range from12v-35v, dual power supply to avoid collision; hot bed connects 11A, 12V, other sections connect 5A, 12V.  a 12V cooler to reduce the high temperature from the high current of Mega controller.

9 Adopt the popular control board firmware-Marlin, which has good stability, usability and  function.


 NB:  Rumba  can not  be used to controll  the 3D printer alone, it must work with A4988 driver board.


Package list

1 x Geeetech Rumba

1 x USB cable for Rumba

6 x A4988 stepper driver

6 x Heatsink

3 x sticker


For more information , please kindly refer to  wiki page
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  • johan walraeve | 08/17/2017

    After 10 days of struggling between 60hrs workweeks and figuring out the aspects of the rumba board finally got a Marlin firmware, based on the Mega2560 and adjusted to MB 80 (Rumba) working. Had to drill additional holes in the bottom plate to mount the Rumba. Now the three extruders are connected and pushing filament through the hot-end i can start calibrating. One thing needed to be said, the Diamond hot-end is giving this DIY kit a " WOW " look, lol. Rebuild the firmware i used on the Mega 2560 because ANY repetier firmware i try just won't work, i upload it to the board, and then just got a black lcd with NO action at all. Otherwise, i having a LOT of fun exploring the possibilities.

    • Zina Luo | 08/17/2017

      Hi Johan ,thank you for your sharing here.Do appreciate to your passion about the upgrading ,a bit pity that the LCD not light ,hope you can find a good solution soon .Best wishes to you.

      • johan walraeve | 08/17/2017

        Hi Zina, the problem is NOT the lcd but the repetier firmware, with marlin firmware everything works fine except i can't get color mixing on marlin (yet). btw, is there a way to post some photo's or video?

        • Zina Luo | 08/19/2017

          Hi Johan ,YOu can email to me :zina.luo@geeetech.cn about the picture .

      • johan walraeve | 08/18/2017

        Thanks Zina, for the people that are interested, i have joined the forum and made a new post in the "project talent show" as Multi1970, some pictures and a video of the original DIY kit are on the forum now. pics and video from the upgraded version will be on the forum in one of the next days. Kind Regards Zina.

        • Zina Luo | 08/19/2017

          Hi JOhan ,thank you for letting me know.Have a nice weekend!

          • johan walraeve | 09/05/2017

            The Rumba board, Diamond head, and upgraded extruders are all working together now. for those who are interested, at the forum mentioned above i paced the full story with pictures and video's. Any questions are welcome and i will check regularly and try to respond in a descent amount of time. Kind regards to all Geeetech team. Finally i can start enjoying printing :-)

    • Zina Luo | 09/05/2017

      Hi Johan ,happy for you and thank you for your sharing here !!!Do appreciate to you .

  • johan walraeve | 07/30/2017

    Hi, i have ordered the board and some other parts, i just want to know if the board can be shipped with firmware installed because i don't seem to manage to get arduino set up right. i tried it on the original gt2560 board of the rostock G2S and either i get error messages in the .h files which i do not know how to repair OR i get compiling errors because arduino can't find files in specific places but the files themselves ARE in those specific places... I really can use some help over here. I use the latest arduino build 1.8.3 When someone can reply me which err msgs i have to share, i will share them.

    • Zina Luo | 07/31/2017

      Hi Johan ,sorry that you remark so late and the parcel is shipped alreay ,For more details you can ask our technican to help you :"technical@geeetech.com

    • johan walraeve | 07/31/2017

      Hi again, already shipped? my order status is still "in progress" but thanks anyway :) i'll contact the technician when everything is arrived.

      • Zina Luo | 08/03/2017

        Hi Johan ,yes shipped already ,pls note it.

        • johan walraeve | 08/07/2017

          Hey Zina, everything has been delivered today :-) i have already started upgrading the G2S into G2S 301, lol. i will keep you informed about my progress :-). Btw, super fast service, just 1 full week between order and delivery, top service!!!

          • Zina Luo | 08/08/2017

            Hi Johan ,glad that you have received the parcel already .Hope you can make good feedback for your upgrading ,do appreciate to your passion here.

  • rita xiang | 12/13/2016

    Hello George, thanks for contacting us, please send your enquiry to sales@geeetech.com, our sales will help you.

  • George Youssef | 12/13/2016

    I have ordered two of these boards and I would like to purchase the complete wiring package for the prusa i3 pro b can MN you provide me with the details of the cables I need to buy as I don't want to use my existing wires