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  • Geeetech Rumba +  6 X A4988 stepper driver+ 3XHeatsink + sticker
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Geeetech Rumba + 6 X A4988 stepper driver+ 3XHeatsink + sticker


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In virtue of the integrated control board which is based on ATmega’s AVR processor, Rumba is the core of a 3D printer,carver, laser cutter and other CNC.The integrated design makes it easy to install and debug. Compared with other 3D Printer control board, Rumba has one more motor driver and less plug-in part so that it can improve the connectivity and stability of printing.



1 the same CPU with that of Arduino MEGA as main control chip, laced with the high-performance USB chip-Atmega2560, it is compatible with all relevant firmware of RAMPS.

2 Five interfaces as input for temperature sensor.

3 All pins being broken out for more extended development..

4 With expanding interface, it can connect the LCD display and the development board.

5 Servo’s expanding interface makes it easier to add the automatic leveling.

6 Supporting 6 pieces of 16 micro stepping drivers of A4988。 

7 PWM DC output( heating pipe ,fan), six channels of output( 1 channel of  high current, 3 channels of medium currentand 2 channels of low current). Use low on-resistance MOS Varactor as driver and can LED tests each output.

8 Power-supply: power input range from12v-35v, dual power supply to avoid collision; hot bed connects 11A, 12V,other sections connect 5A, 12V.  a 12V cooler to reduce the high temperature from the high current of Mega controller.

9 Adopt the popular control board firmware-Marlin, which has good stability, usability and  function.


 NB:  Rumba  can not be used to controll  the 3D printer alone, it must work with A4988 driver board.


Package list

1 x Geeetech Rumba

6 x A4988 stepper driver

6 x Heatsink

3 x sticker


For more information , please kindly refer to  wiki page

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  • Jinbuhm Kim | 10/02/2014

    HI, I bought this product and applied 24V adn there are some problems. The 12V output is not correct and the output is almost 19V !! Another problem is FAN0 output and HE2 output are almost 0V. What's the cause of the problem?

    • koko xu | 10/07/2014

      HE2 stands for the third thermal heating control of the hotend, if the program does not support 3 extruders, HE2 will output the offset voltage of the MOSFET, that is close to 0 v. FAN0 stands for fan control, is the output voltage corresponding to the preset value in the control process? The output voltage of HE2 and FAN0 are indicated by the corresponding LED lights, the brighter the light, the higher the output voltage. The output voltage of power supply ranges from 0 to the highest value of the input voltage you supply.