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  • Geeetech Rumba 3D printer controller board
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Geeetech Rumba 3D printer controller board


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In virtue of the integrated control board which is based on ATmega’s AVR processor, Rumba is the core of a 3D printer, carver, laser cutter and other CNC. The integrated design makes it easy to install and debug. Compared with other 3D Printer control board, Rumba has one more motor driver and less plug-in part so that it can improve the connectivity and stability of printing.



1. Use the same CPU as that of Arduino MEGA as main control chip, Atmega2560 cooperates with high-performance USB chip in order that it is compatible with all RAMPS relevant firmware;

2. Five interfaces as input for temperature sensor.

3. All pins being drawn out to permit more function expansion.

4. with extended LCD shield interfaces, supports offline printing( note, SD card slot  is not on rumba but on the LCD shield)

5. Servo’s expanding interface to make the automatic leveling easier to add

6. Supporting 6 pieces of 16 micro stepping drivers of A4988.

7. PWM DC output( heating pipe ,fan), six channels of output( 1 channel of high current, 3 channels of medium current and 2 channels of low current). Use low on-resistance MOS Varactor as driver and LED tests each output.

8. Power-supply: power input 12v-35v, dual power to avoid interaction; hot bed connects 11A, 12V, other sections connect 5A, 12V and add a 12V cooler to reduce the high temperature from the high current of Mega controller.

9. Adopt the popular control board firmware-Marlin, which has good stability, usability and function.


For more information of rumba , please refer to  wiki page

Package list

1 x  Geeetech  Rumba 



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  • John Churchward | 04/10/2018

    Can I use this board SKU-700-001-0270 with the SKU:700-0001-0961 Diamond nozzle. Thanks John

    • Richard Deng | 04/19/2018

      hello, can you please tell which printer you use? thanks

  • gaizka eguskiza madariaga | 03/24/2018

    I am unable to transmit anything to the board, I do everything as instructed by the instructions and I am not able to load anything, can someone help me?

    • Maria Olivier | 03/31/2018

      Hi Gaizka,sorry for lat reply.You can email:victory.lei@geeetech.cn for help.

  • stephan maugard | 02/07/2018

    Hey - well received in time! I'll try it in a couple of week

  • Hakan Petersson | 08/08/2017

    Does it support Repetier firmware? Can I use extruder X for the second Z-axis stepper? Does it support TMC210 driver, have to change stepper direction? Do you have a drawing of the placement of the holes for brackets? Does it support TFT28?

    • Zina Luo | 08/09/2017

      Hi Hakan ,yes ,you can try ,but need resive the firmware by yourself ,but recently we have no instruction .Pls note with thank.

  • George Tsiamtsouris | 05/20/2017

    can i change the stepper motor jumpers? if so, how? there is a rather hard "film" on top of the jumpers actually

    • Zina Luo | 05/23/2017

      Hi George,sorry that it cannot .

  • Francois Bujold | 03/02/2017

    Can we use the TMC2100 driver on this controler?

    • Zina Luo | 03/06/2017

      Hi Francois ,you can check the manual and specification on the rumba and check whether the TMC2100 driver can compatiable or not .

  • Paul Burkhalter | 12/24/2016

    Works fine!

  • Kevin Angus | 08/20/2016

    I am replacing a MKS undocumented controller with your Rumba but I can't find: Pin out and description of all connectors or schematics. Thanks

    • rita xiang | 08/21/2016

      Hello Kevin, you can check the wiki page or you can contact our tech support at bruce.wang@geeetech.cn

  • Jan Pichrt | 07/02/2016

    Does your version support 1/32 drivers like DRV8825? Original of this board yes...

    • rita xiang | 07/03/2016

      yes, it supports.

  • Kevin Roy | 05/14/2016

    Does this support a 24v Heatbed?

    • rita xiang | 05/16/2016

      yes, but make sure your extruder heater is also 24V

  • Dimitris Kounalakis | 04/17/2016

    Can I use one motor port for the 2 step motors in z-axis, in order to use the diamond head (3 extruders)?

    • Quentin Qiu | 04/17/2016

      Hi,yes you can do in this way.

  • Paul Little | 01/22/2016

    Does this board support a heated bed? It also has a Z axis. It is the Solidoodle Workbench. http://www.solidoodle.com/workbench

    • Quentin Qiu | 01/24/2016

      Hi you can chat online with our technician through the orange chat window in the bottom right corner of your screen when you are on our homepage. Or you can contact this e-mail sherry.li@geeetech.cn for technical support. You can also go to our forum to refer to FAQ or post your problem. http://www.geeetech.com/forum/ Thank you

  • Nabil Halwani | 01/14/2016

    Which is more powerful, the Rumba board or the Prusa I3 M201 Board as frequency also ?

    • Quentin Qiu | 01/14/2016

      Hi, the board of I3 M201 is GTM32. GTM32 is more powerful and it also has higher frequency.

  • Nabil Halwani | 01/13/2016

    Can I use this board for cnc machine and laser cut machine? if yes is there a tutorial for this?

    • Quentin Qiu | 01/13/2016

      Hi Nabil, sorry to tell you this board doesn't support the machines you said.

  • Scott Hodges | 11/17/2015

    I currently have a Sanguinololu but want to upgrade to dual heads. Will this unit support two motors on Z like that board does? Also, does it come pre-loaded with the Marlin firmware?

    • Quentin Qiu | 11/22/2015

      Hi Scott, sanguinoloulu doesn't support dual extruders because it only has 4 motor interfaces. Board like GT2560 which has 5 motor interfaces can support dual extruders.

      • Scott Hodges | 11/28/2015

        I know my board doesn't. I was asking if THIS board does (This Rumba board). I see 6 motor controller sockets on here and want to know if the board supports 2 drives on the Z axis like mine does. I'm trying to determine the advantages of this (Rumba) board over a GT2560.

        • rita xiang | 11/28/2015

          yes, rumba has 2 drives for the Z axis and supports two extruders.