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Geeetech 3d pen - no stock


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1.Full start set for beginners: In addition to the 3D pen, the accessory also includes the associated accessories. 12 colors of 120 meters long filament you can use immediately. Comes with a printable template: 2D templates on paper or under glass, so beginners and children can get started quickly, so you can use even small and meaningful graphics.

2.Creative gift for children and adults: 3D pen set as a creative gift for yourself, children over 8 years, adults, artists, hobbyists. It's a lot of fun with this 3D-pen: With the 3D-pen you can create creative motives without imagination.

3.Easy to use and safe for children: The 3D pressure pin fits well in the hand and is very easy to use. Suitable for beginners and experienced artists / 3D-Druckbegeisterte! Safe standby design for children: If the pen is not used for 3 minutes, the pen will go into standby mode.

4. LCD screen display, one-button control and adjustable temperature / speed: 3 temperature / speed modes are adjustable (PLA mode: 180 -200 degree, ABS mode: 200 -220 degree).

5. Easy to clean and remove: Easy to remove and replace the pin nozzle: Turn the black case counterclockwise and remove the case.

 Safety and warnings:

1, This device is suitable for children and adults over 8 years

2, Pay attention to the temperature of the nozzle. DO NOT touch the nozzle during operation to avoid burning the hand.

3, Please finish 3D Pen filament refills and disconnect power after use

4. Please insert the pen in a place where children can not touch after use.

5. Do not use the tip to touch other hard objects.

6. Do not use foreign materials to load the filament or the tip of the load.

7. Do not use supplies from other manufacturers to avoid incompatibility.

8. The equipment for precision electrical appliances must not be sprayed with water. This product is not waterproof.

Discharge Method: Hot Melt Extrusion Stacks

Nozzle diameter: 0.6 mm

Voltage: 5V / 2A (with IC protection head)

Operating temperature: 180-220 degrees adjustable

Print Speed: Low, Medium, High Speed

Suitable filament: PLA / ABS 1.75 mm

Screen: LCD HD display

Material: Plastic

Top material: porcelain

Package contents:

1 × 3D pressure pen

1 × power supply

1 × Micro USB cable

1 × user manual

1 × pen holde

1 × PVC drawing board

1 × removal tool

1 × Fingerling

1 × 3D drawing templates

1 × 12 colors * 10 foot FLA filament


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