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  • Geeetech 2-in-1-out Nozzle for A10M, A20M 3D Printers
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Geeetech 2-in-1-out Nozzle for A10M, A20M 3D Printers


Shipping Weight:30g

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Geeetech 2-in-1-out Nozzle for A10M, A20M 3D Printers

This 2-in-1-out M7 nozzle is designed for Geeetech A10M, A20M 3D printers. With its precision at 0.4mm, it delivers quality prints with smooth finish and strong structure.  


Material: Brass

Nozzle precision: 0.4mm

Input diameter: 1.75mm

Net weight: 2.1g

Gross weight: 30g


Package list: 1 nozzle

Attention: Small parts, keep away from children.


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  • Shaun McBride | 01/14/2019

    I am looking for this part, but in a 0.2mm size. I have tried a few orders and so far none of them work with the A10M. And I don't see any in that size available on this site. Any suggestions on what to look for?

    • Jocelin Jia | 01/16/2019

      Hello Shaun, we do not sell 0.2mm nozzle, thanks

  • Andrew Piller | 01/13/2019

    I have 4 outstanding orders and am unable to track them. Help please. Andrew Piller

    • Jocelin Jia | 01/16/2019

      RS284787593DE /RS284774657DE /RS284763645DE /RS284773546DE DHL eCommerce

  • Richard Esala | 12/13/2018

    Received order NO:20181111000959470 today. Thank you

    • Jocelin Jia | 12/13/2018

      thanks your confirmation