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  • GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug
  • GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug
  • GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug
  • GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug
  • GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug
  • GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug

GCB-1 UV Curing Box- AU Plug

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GCB-1 is a machine designed for the secondary curing process of post SLA printed models. Models being in this process will gain an optimum appearance and function to the largest extent.


※ Fast Assembling Structural Design

Using acrylic boards as its main assembling pieces, it can be assembled and detached easily. The machine supports the secondary curing function of SLA models.

 ※ Timing Setting

Wide range of timing setting: 1~60 mins. The machine allows you to set the timing in a wide range. Once the time finishes counting down, UV lamps and motor will be automatically shut down.

 ※ Evenly Curing With 360° Rotating Tray

With 7 rounds per minute its tray performs, this curing box leaves no dead angle, which offers the processed models a far smoother and evener appearance.

 ※ Intelligent Protection

The machine will come to a halt automatically when the box is opened, with the UV lamp beads and motor shut down right away, and timing stops counting down. Once the box is closed again, it will resume working.

 ※ Exquisite Whiteware Acrylic Board

Tested by professional device, this curing box posts no risks at all when it is in the working status. It has been proven that it gives off a lower leakage of UV light when it is at work.

 ※ Customized Lamp Board, Covering the Whole Box

Equipped with six UV lamps, the curing box will operate a far more effective curing process with its luminous power of 220W/m².

 ※ Simple, Unique and Innovative Control Panel

With dual-color indicator light, three easy-to-apply buttons and digital tube for timing display, it features a higher practicability.

 NOTE: Please make sure that the printed model has been washed in advance, or the secondary curing process will cause a pale surface on the finished model.











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