Dual Axis Z

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Re: Dual Axis Z

Post by Jarda3d » Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:18 am

You really did not need it, if you align and tight your printer.

And if you want to have better printer instead of low-end construction base... Buy A30M, it is way better. Or obsolete but mature giantarm.

Basic questions:

- for why you buy 3D printer
-A- printing of course!
-B- no printing, education how are 3D printers built only

- how big money do you plan to splash into WC?
-C- none
-D- all what is possible

If your answers are BD, then do any modification that you want.

If AC, buy better printer if you are not satisfied with piece you already have. It is way cheaper than modifications.
A10M Slic3r profile: here and fresh on github (lot of tips here)
A10 Slic3r profile: here
TIP: tight all screws and wheels (except right side of Z axis) and re-align frame while assembly. And silence it.

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