2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

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2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by egenxt » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:59 pm

I'm french
I am new to this forum, I am an engineer and I have already assembled 5 printers 3d ...
I just finished the assembly of my new printer delta rostock M301
I encounter two problems
I submitted the problems to geeetech who asked me to make a post in the forum

There are two problems with my rostock M301 :

1 - power supply does not work
- The power supplies 12.08V ok, if it is not connected to the printer (4-pin connector)
- but Supply power only 4.02V in operation when connected

2 - the GTM32 pro card does not work
- the motherboard does not work with a OK 12V power supply (Power supply OK 12V from another prusa i3)
(The display shows 2 Horizontal black lines, and all the red LEDs are blinking...even after 10 minutes of power supply...)

I am waiting to read your solutions
bests regards

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Re: 2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by William » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:16 pm

hi,about the LCD display problem,you can check this post.
hope it can help you.
-Keep your mind and try to test it. :)
-Everything will be fun!-Support all Getech printer.
-You can ask me the questions and I will kindly reply.
-Respect others is the best way you can get help!

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Re: 2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by egenxt » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:55 pm

thank you for your reply
but the LCD is the new version with the ribbon cable
The lcd screen seems to work well, the ribbon cable is well installed in the right direction, but it is the gtm32 card that is problematic, it remains with all the led red lights regardless of the operating time ...
Can not communicate in usb with pc

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Re: 2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by egenxt » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:57 pm

...Just in time

I also tested the gtm32 card without any cables, only the power supply and the lcd display,
the lights are lit in red and the display shows 2 horizontal black lines...nothing to do

see in user manual :
".....Rostock 301 uses DC12V, 29A power supply, choose 110V or 220V according to national power using
standard. Please make sure that the voltage of the power supply conforms to current national power using
standard. "

in my order ; the power supply is DC12V, 25A
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Re: 2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by egenxt » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:03 pm

I think I will ask for the paypal refund of my order

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Re: 2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by egenxt » Wed May 10, 2017 3:27 am

ma première imprimante Delta, ma dernière commande chez Geeetech

j'étais très satisfait de Geeetech jusqu'à ce jour pour avoir monté plusieurs Prusa I3X qui fonctionnent parfaitement et sont faciles d'emploi....

En ce qui concerne la Delta Rostock :
je l'ai commandée en Allemagne et je l'ai reçue en 3 jours sans frais , jusque là très satisfait
le montage c'est bien passé, jusqu'à ce que j'alimente la machine....
l'alimentation à détruit la carte électronique et la sonde, elle ne fournit pas de 12V.... bref alimentation défectueuse !!
je préviens le SAV en chine, m'inscrit sur le forum.... pas trop réactif chez Geeetech
je commence à lire des articles sur la fameuse Delta....et là je comprends que je n'aurais jamais du acheter cette m....achine

je mets un litige Paypal pour le payement d'un objet qui ne fonctionne pas....
après blablablablabla chez geeetech avec Lemon Wang, celui-ci me fait stopper le litige en m'ayant donné un numéro d'envoi des pièces dans un colis.... que j'attends toujours depuis 3 mois...
==> du coup j'ai payé (cher) une m..achine qui ne fonctionne pas

j'ai pris l'alimentation qui fonctionne, un arduino + ramps.... j'ai fais chauffer la tête 3 extrudeuses.... et ooohhhhhh ..... rien de sort, les moteurs ne poussent pas les filaments !!!!

quelle grosse arnaque
amis Français passer votre chemin
si ça peut aider à ce que d'autres ne se fassent pas avoir, ça sera mon unique compensation

aller tient pour les nons Français :

I was very satisfied with Geeetech until today for having mounted several Prusa I3X that work perfectly and are easy to use ....

As regards the Delta Rostock:
I ordered it in germany and I received it in 3 days without charge, until then very satisfied
The assembly went well, until I feed the machine ....
The power supply destroys the electronic board and the probe, it does not provide 12V .... short defective power supply !!
I warn the SAV in china, registered on the forum .... not too reactive at Geeetech
I begin to read articles about the famous Delta .... and there I understand that I should never have to buy this printer

I put a Paypal dispute for the payment of an object that does not work ....
After blablablablabla at geeetech with Lemon Wang, this one makes me stop the dispute by having given me a number of sending the pieces in a package .... that I have been waiting for 3 months ...
==> of the blow I paid (expensive) a printer that does not work

I took the diet that works, an arduino + ramps .... I have heat up the head 3 extruders .... and ooohhhhhh ..... nothing comes out, the engines do not push the filaments! !!!

What a big scam
French friends go your way
If it can help what others do not get, it will be my only compensation

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Re: 2 problems with Rostock Delta M301

Post by Bama3d » Wed May 31, 2017 4:38 am

Update, some minor success with this printer. I share the following only to assist those encountering feed issues.

First I found that the V1.0.02 version firmware appears to be the most stable with the least glitches.

second, I have replaced all the feeders with aluminum feeders. The plastic ones have serious flaws.

Third, I now print PLA at 235 degrees, this solves some of the feed issues even with quality feeders. The mass of the hotend appears to need the additional heat for decent color mixing.

Fourth my feed setting is @ 225.4 and I now can run at okay speed albeit slower than all my other printers.

I replaced the ribbon cable running to the LCD with a longer and better quality one from amazon. I also de-soldered and re-soldered the board as it came in dismal shape. I also replaced all the bearings as most were not smooth.

Now, its still a crap printer and I still have issues to resolve pertaining to print quality. But at least it now prints small parts in under 5 hours.

My best advice to anyone considering this printer is to wait, I am sure someone else will come out with a better product. I do not however believe Geeetech will ever correct the problems as they wont even admit they exist.

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