Major printer issue

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Major printer issue

Post by pamato » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:42 pm

I have a Geeetech Aluminum i3A that I just assembled and have a question about.

I am having issues getting it to print.
When I set my machine to: Prepare -> Move Axis -> Move 1mm -> Move Z axis and turn the dial to 2mm the Z axis moves up 12.64mm
That doesn't seem right.
Here is some more information on my problem.

This was a print of the Standard Cube 1ML from Thingiverse

Here is a close up of the results:

Lastly here are my Cura settings for that print

Modified the firmware to change the default_axis_steps_per unit based on the z axis calibration formula from 2650 to 405.
Recompiled and uploaded to printer and the Z axis still moves 6.32mm for every one commanded mm of travel.

I am out of things to try to get this printer to print.

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